Mershon sentenced to 18 1/2 years in prison

Richard Mershon was sentenced to 222 months - 18 1/2 years - in prison Friday morning in Yamhill County Circuit Court after being found guilty last week by a unanimous vote of the 12-person jury on each of the 12 charges he faced in connection with the November 2017 Zippy's Pizza shooting case.

Judge John Collins presided over the four-day trial and hour-long sentencing hearing that was attended by victim David Trivelpiece, 29, of Yamhill, who was shot in the neck by Mershon and survived, in addition to his wife, Kassie, family members and friends.

The 69-year-old Mershon, who has been in local custody since the incident, will receive credit for time served as that relates to some of the charges. However, 180 months fall under mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, and he is required to serve every day of those 15 years.

His sentence includes 36 months on post-prison supervision in addition to a significant amount of restitution and fines.

Prosecutors, Chief Deputy District Attorney Kate Lynch and District Attorney Holly Winter, asked for a 282-month sentence. Defense attorney Mark Pihl requested a 120-month term.

Kassie Trivelpiece, speaking for her family, told the court, "Our lives have been changed forever." She asked Collins to take that into account. "I hope he can't go back to a normal life because we can't."

Collins told the Trivelpieces he admired the courage they have demonstrated as the 18-month case has reached a resolution.

Another victim, Jamie Rollins, was not in the courtroom. He delivered a message through Lynch, saying that he forgives Mershon, but a lack of compassion and remorse he demonstrated was troubling.

"People like this should not be allowed on the street," Rollins said.

Collins asked Mershon if there was anything he wanted to say. "Nothing, your honor," was the response.

See Tuesday's News-Register for additional details.




18.5 years? Seriously? He needs to die in prison. Anything that falls within his natural life expectancy is unacceptable. When he's 78 he still won't be sorry for what he did, only that he got in trouble for it.

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