George A Keillor - 1935 - 2019


George A. Keillor passed away April 13, 2019. He is survived by his wife, Muriel; three daughters; and six grandchildren. A graveside service was held at 1:00 p.m. Thursday at South Yamhill Cemetery. To leave condolences, visit








So sorry to hear of George's passing. My condolences to Muriel and the rest of the family and friends. George played an important role in our family printing business in McMinnville for several years where I enjoyed working with him and getting to know him. His experience with manual screen printing brought us a couple of small imprint jobs before he ventured out on his own. He was a character with a great sense of humor. That must run in the 'Keillor' family genes. He and my father remained friendly over these years following, exchanging verbal wit, online quips, helpful hints and moral support in online chats mostly during the 2000's before social media was all the rage. And then there was, of course, the goofing around in Adobe Photoshop! George made some of the fun aspects of technology possible for others, too. One day out of the blue I receive a photograph attachment with a caption in it from my Dad. George had convinced Dad to install Photoshop and taught him how to edit photos a little, insert captions and save the file to his computer. George was a handyman type and not afraid to lend a helping hand where he could. He will be remembered and missed.

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