Governor’s new fiscal madness

Has Gov. Kate Brown taken leave of her senses? It sure seemed so last Friday, when she proposed allowing families which include two public employees to resume double-dipping on their Cadillac insurance plans at taxpayer expense.

We understand her desire to repay public employee unions for helping grease her record $18.5 million re-election bid. But does she have to do it with $100 million in money wrung from taxpayers?

Brown wants to use us for another $2 billion for a public school system that might need the entire amount just to cover its insatiable Public Employee Retirement

System burden. Ply us for another $700 million to close a yawning state health care gap. Enact a carbon tax threatening to drive under some of the state’s largest industrial employers. But continue ruinous disinvestment in our state college system.

Couples blessed with some of the best insurance our money can buy won’t suffer sharing a plan. Our cash-strapped state is awash in higher priorities.


Don Dix

And now, after spending million$ to be elected, Brown is now touting campaign finance reform? -- apparently hypocrisy doesn't come with a memory or a conscience!


Oregon has brown rot really bad.

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