Letters to the Editor: Nov. 16, 2018

Beautifully performed

I was at a performance of the Second Winds Community Band this last Sunday in McMinnville. It was headlined, “Thank You Veterans!”

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I found it the most professional, beautifully performed music I’ve heard in quite a while. My highest praise goes to Director Mark Williams, Associate Director Brian Parker and super narrator Stan Primozich.

The whole afternoon was moving. It was a joy to me.

Come and hear the band. It’s next concert is set for 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9, at the McMinnville Community Center.

I’ll be there!

Elsa Mann



Thanks due for his service

I would like to pay tribute to the service of Stan Primozich.

For almost three decades, Stan has served our community and our county, serving 24 years on the McMinnville School Board and four years on the county board of commissioners. I had the privilege of serving with him for six years on the school board, so have seen his efforts up close.

Stan is a worker, first and foremost. I saw this again and again on the school board, where Stan was a tireless advocate for children and a staunch supporter of public education. 

When we were asked if anyone on the board would be willing to serve on the Oregon School Board Association Board, Stan volunteered. The rest of us pleaded lack of time or lack of motivation. I pleaded both.

The position was time-consuming. It stole Stan from his family many weekends, but he served willingly and well.

Some conservatives have a jaundiced view of public education, but Stan never waivered in his support for our public schools. He never strayed into the many tar-pit controversies that swarm around public education in some conservative circles, from school prayer to revisionist U.S. history. He was always focused on assuring a quality education for all children.

Stan and I did not always agree. In many ways, we live at different ends of the political spectrum.

But he would always listen, and he was always reasonable, even when he couldn’t see that I was right. His practical, low-volume approach made him a particularly valuable school board member and commissioner.

We could use more hard-working, practical and sensible people like Stan in public office. But after 28 years, he’s earned a breather.
He has shown us what it means to be a good citizen, a good public servant and a good friend.

Scott Gibson




Stan Primozich, thank you for your service to our community. I may not agree with you on some things, but I respect your commitment to the greater good.

Chris Chenoweth

Stan Primozich, thank you for all the ways you have strived to make our community better. While others are content to stand on the sidelines and complain you rolled up your sleeves and went to work. Enjoy the break!

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