Report: Airport needs another $180,000

McMinnville Finance Director Marcia Baragary said the McMinnville Municipal Airport’s maintenance fund needs an additional $180,000.

In a memo to the city council, Baragary said additional funds are needed because of unanticipated repairs to the heating and air-conditioning system at the Oregon State Police Building.

The money would also cover the cost of cleaning and repairing fuel tanks and trimming trees for runway clearance, she said.

“In addition, unanticipated engineering costs will be incurred due to the delay of completion of the runway rehabilitation project,” she said.

Before city councilors can approve more money for the airport, they have to hold a public hearing. The hearing is part of the council’s agenda at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13.

The proposed supplemental budget increases materials and services appropriations from $364,433 to $474,433. Capital outlay appropriations are increased from $67,400 to $137,400.

A public hearing is required because the proposed supplemental budget transfers $180,000 from the city’s contingency fund, which exceeds 15 percent of total appropriations in the airport’s maintenance fund.

Councilors are scheduled to consider a supplemental budget resolution following the hearing.

Also Tuesday, the council will:

n Hear an annual report from Recology Western Oregon

n Receive updates from the city’s Affordable Housing Task Force, Historic Landmarks Committee and Landscape Review Committee.

n Review a budget update from the League of Oregon Cities.

n Consider a resolution granting an easement to McMinnville Water & Light officials to install an electric distribution system to service a Verizon cell tower.



Why is the airport fund paying for the state police facility? Doesn't the state pay for that kind of stuff?


The airport owns the building. It leases the space to the state police.

The relationship is no more than landlord-tenant. The state police used to rent elsewhere in town before moving to the airport site. If the airport is prepared to forgo the revenue, it could simply let the lease expire the building continue its slide into disrepair.

The wise landlord maintains his property. It's a matter of protecting his investment.


Bill B

"“In addition, unanticipated engineering costs will be incurred due to the delay of completion of the runway rehabilitation project,”..." I don't recall the reason for the delay. If it was due to the contractor, shouldn't the expense be on them?

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