Letters to the Editor: Oct. 19, 2018

Bullying and abusive

My daughter, Taylor Petersen, has chosen to stop playing volleyball for Linfield College due to the abusive and bullying behavior of Head Coach Josh Davis. 

The volleyball team filed a nine-page complaint with Athletic Director Garry Killgore, detailing the verbal and emotional abuse. He told them they needed to deal with it as adults and turn a negative into a positive.

Several of us parents expressed our concerns to Dean Susan Hopp. She dismissed them, saying, “As far as I know, this could be all about playing time.”

Coach Davis has told the players they are dumb, they are a joke, they lack heart and they don’t deserve to be on the team. He has also used profanity in addressing the girls. Last week, he screamed in my daughter’s face as she tried to calmly address a team concern with him.
In the course of talking individually with the girls, he bad mouths the other players on the team, creating drama that undermines the team’s cohesiveness. He never encourages players and gives technically incorrect direction.

He told the team he has been dealing with a medical issue. So wouldn’t he take a medical leave and quit subjecting our children to abusive, irrational and retaliatory behavior?

It breaks my heart that my daughter felt she had to give up the sport she has loved her whole life because she won’t subject herself to a coach who is an abusive bully, whose coaching philosophies defy everything she believes and stands for.

Shame on the Linfield College administration for allowing, through inaction, its students to be treated this way.

Shelli Wainwright



Rising star in Legislature

In taking his place in the Oregon Legislature, Rep. Ron Noble has garnered the respect of fellow legislators from both political parties, and has done so without compromising his principles. That’s not easily accomplished.

And I add to that Rep. Noble’s willingness to tackle difficult issues like child welfare and Second Amendment rights without flinching.
I’m grateful this rising star of a legislator is always willing to take on a challenge, especially for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you Rep. Noble for sponsoring bills this session that could have enormous potential for good in our county and statewide.
I look forward to seeing Rep. Noble re-elected.

Mary Starrett

Yamhill County Commissioner

Don’t need 4th prosecutor

As a busy trial attorney specializing in family and juvenile law, I have spent many hours in court arguing matters before Yamhill County’s four judges. I’ve also earned the distinct privilege of presently serving as a pro-tem Yamhill County Circuit Court judge. And one thing I’ve learned from this experience is that a healthy bench is a diverse bench. Lisl Miller is a career prosecutor. The other three circuit judges are all ex-prosecutors, so her experience is redundant.

If she is elected, all our judges will have come onto the bench as former career criminal prosecutors. This is unhealthy.

We must elect Jennifer Chapman to replace the only judge on the court — Ronald Stone — who had extensive civil law experience.
Jennifer Chapman was never a prosecutor nor a criminal defense lawyer, and this is good. This is balance. This is essential. According to the Oregon Judicial Information Network, most matters that come before Oregon courts are civil matters or violations. We already have three ex-prosecutors on the bench, so we don’t need another one.

We need a smart, compassionate, non-partisan and thoughtful judge, one with civil law experience. We need Jennifer Chapman.

David Hansen


She’s earned your vote

Campaign season sure has a way of dividing our community, our neighborhoods and even our blocks. Battle lines get drawn and the front line is the candidate sign in your flowerbed or your Facebook friend list.

Though we might look forward to campaign season ending, we know elections are important. That’s why we’re all so passionate. For this reason, I want to voice my support of Lisl Miller for judge. I think the reason to vote for Lisl requires an understanding of the job she has done for all of us.

To me, the very worst crimes are child sexual abuse. While the child victims have to live with the scars for their entire lives, the abusers live in the shadows with little fear of getting caught.

When children come forward to tell horrific stories, there’s rarely any evidence except their word. This is when Lisl takes over.
Handling cases that most of us don’t even want to hear about, as a deputy district attorney, Lisl has made children her cause. Countless times, she has served as the voice for that scared child as she set out on a path to obtain justice.I keep coming back to the fact that Lisl has done this for 15 years. Off the top of my head, there’s probably a child sitting in almost every classroom in the county who, directly or indirectly, is safe because of Lisl.

No matter what else you hear or read this campaign season, know this: Lisl has earned your vote. You are safer and your children are safer because of her.

Vote Lisl Miller for Judge.

Diane Longaker



Democrats facing rout

When we wake up Nov. 7, we’re going to see standing tall over the smoldering ruins of the Obama Democratic party: President Donald John Trump, a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, at least 60 Republican senators, a growing Republican majority in the House and more Republican governors.

Heavyweight filmmaker Michael Moore, of Fahrenheit 11/9 fame, threw in the towel long before the confirmation of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Huffing and puffing in early September, he said: “President Trump outsmarted us all. I’m not gonna kid you. Donald Trump outsmarted everybody. I don’t want to give you false hope. He’s in the White House and we’re not ...”

He went on to say, “If you’re thinking everything is gonna go great in November because, well, everybody is on to Trump now, I’m here to tell you tonight that, um, there’s a very good chance they’re gonna continue to be in power, and, um, you should wake up every day for the next, what is it, 60 days, and operate with the absolute belief that we’re gonna get our asses kicked.”

The Democrats are actually pulling funding from fellow Democrats over Kavanaugh, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia for voting to confirm and Tennessee Senate candidate Phil Bredesen for saying he would have voted to confirm.

With a rabid anti-Kavanaugh mob screaming from the Senate gallery, Oregon Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden both voted no. The two Oregon Democrats voted with the mob and against the rule of law.

Unfortunately, neither of these two geniuses is up for re-election. But they sure made it easy to vote straight Republican this November.

Dan Katz



Endorsement disappoints

I am deeply disappointed that the News-Register has decided to back Lisl Miller over Jennifer Chapman for Circuit Court judge. Our county now has three former prosecutors on the bench — excellent choices in my opinion, but judicial balance can be very positive.

Circuit Judge Ron Stone, whose position will be filled, came from a civil practice. And he has made tremendous contributions to the bench.
His passion for fairness and his commitment to a group of often forgotten members of our community led to the establishment of the mental health court — a great success. I was one of the lawyers court-appointed to represent clients there for many years, and witnessed his skill, firmness and understanding of the problems faced by my clients.

Judge Stone also brought enormous kindness to the children involved in divorce, juvenile and other matters before his court. A civil practice is strong preparation for fresh ideas and this kind of judicial attitude.

The lawyers of this county voted overwhelmingly in favor of Jennifer Chapman. Their opinions should matter to this newspaper, as they are the ones in court day in and day out with prosecutors like Lisl Miller.

Ms. Miller is very skilled at what she does as a senior member of the district attorney’s staff. Would she not serve our community better by continuing in her influential position?

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Chapman.

Beverly D. Richardson



Right person for the post

I support Casey Kulla for the county board of commissioners.

Casey is a longtime organic farmer and active member of the community. His background in environmental issues makes him a thoughtful advocate for the kind of planning our county will need in the coming years.

Major changes are approaching from two sides. Not only is the county growing and urbanizing, but the region will be increasingly affected by climate change.

At this stage in the discussion of climate change, it matters little whether we think humans are the cause. Everyone in the county will be affected by rising temperatures, reduced irrigation water from decreased rain and snow runoff, and changes in plant and animal species, including increases in crop pests and disease. All of these will likely affect agriculture and the economic system, so it is important that the leadership is thinking ahead of the changes.

Casey favors prescribed burns to control fire-sensitive areas, reseeding of drainage areas that can serve as recharge areas for aquifers, fostering native plant growth and consideration of farmer input regarding insect pests. It is clear that Casey would bring a pro-active viewpoint to the way the county faces these issues.

Even with this experience, Casey is not a single-issue candidate. He also will work for a strong county economy by encouraging local business start-ups and county-based innovative approaches to farming.

Casey is the right person for the commissioner position. We need his thoughtful approach and his commitment to the health of the county.

Michael Roberts



There’s nothing like experience

I want to express my support for the re-election of Stan Primozich for Yamhill County commissioner.

Having served on the McMinnville School Board with Stan, and later hiring him as my financial adviser, I can honestly say I trust him in every aspect of his personal and professional life. There have been times we did not agree on certain issues, but I have always found him to be courteous in our discussions and willing to consider opposing viewpoints.

Often, he has asked for more time to review the facts about an issue and returned with a thoughtful response, always with a concerted effort to preserve integrity and respect during the exchange.

There is no way to measure the value of returning an experienced, trusted leader to his present position. The time and expense it takes to expose and explain the complexities of pressing issues this county faces is time better used in thoughtful discourse, without having to retrace past discussion.

Stan Primozich is a man of the highest integrity, transparency and consistency. Even in the face of sometimes emotional exchanges on controversial issues, I have observed him to be measured in his response and respectful in his attitude.
Stan consistently expresses his desire to do what he believes is best for all citizens of Yamhill County. I urge you to vote to keep Stan Primozich as Yamhill County commissioner.

Jim VanArsdel



Kulla up to the challenge

Yamhill County’s rural economy is thriving. But where wheat, hay and turkeys once dominated the agricultural scene, they have been overtaken by a great number of other crops, from hazelnuts, blueberries and winegrapes to pasture-raised lamb and pork.

Yamhill County has evolved into a cornucopia of agriculture characterized by small, sustainable family farms, which contribute to our community’s robust food economy. A whole new generation of farmers has revitalized the agricultural scene.

One of these new farmers, Casey Kulla, is running for the county commission. We have the opportunity to have his commitment to the community, his understanding of the agricultural issues vital to the health of our economy, and his relative youth and vitality, working for us.
During his campaign, Casey has actively engaged the challenges facing our community. His positions are well thought out and reasonable.
I can’t wait for Casey to become a county commissioner. I’m going to vote for him and I hope you will, too.

Susan Sokol Blosser



Chance to diversify court

As a practicing attorney, I was alarmed when I read Troy Spurlock’s letter to the editor, “Educated, informed voters.” I want to offer the community some information so they may assess his argument and decide for themselves what to think about the candidates.
People generally know what criminal law is. If a person commits a crime, he or she is — hopefully — arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to some form of punishment.

Civil law is more difficult to describe.

Oregon Revised Statutes currently fill 17 volumes. The criminal code fills Volume 4 and civil laws the other 16.

Civil law includes business, landlord-tenant, divorce, child custody, will, trust, government, land use, tax, education, property and employment law, to name a few. Civil law is not “easier” or less complicated than criminal law. One is not superior to the other. They are just different.

In Yamhill County, we have three judges who served as deputy district attorneys before becoming judges. That means they practiced criminal law.

One of this year’s candidates, Lisl Miller, is currently serving as a deputy district attorney. The other candidate, Jennifer Chapman, has a different background.

Chapman has primarily practiced civil law in a variety of areas. At the Oregon Department of Justice, she also practiced some criminal law. The reason a lot of people support her is because she has a different background from the other judges, so would complement their expertise.

I think of the bench like the faculty of a school. We currently have three math experts on the faculty. Now we have the choice between another math expert or a history expert. In other words, voters have the opportunity to broaden the collective experience of the bench in Yamhill County.

Meg Kirschnick



A friend who delivers

I have been lucky to call Zack Geary a friend for almost 20 years. He is the most exuberant, humble and dedicated person I know.
His record of service to McMinnville speaks for itself. He has contributed his time and resources to more than 15 community boards, events and nonprofits.

When Zack commits to an initiative or organization, he doesn’t just show up at the allotted time. He immediately becomes an integral part of the planning and execution of its operations.

I’ve known him not only as a friend, but also as a fellow board member and professional colleague. He maintains a positive attitude and remains even-keeled and thoughtful in his approach to all situations.

Zack is also an engaged and active listener who believes every person is deserving of respect, regardless of personal convictions or background. At the end of the conversation, he is the one who springs into action, implementing change and motivating those around him to join in cooperative efforts toward helping McMinnville thrive.

Our family business, Buchanan-Cellers, has come to rely on him to help with such treasured community events as the UFO Alien Pet Costume Contest. From the the sometimes serious issues that arise on a work project to the far less serious details of pets dressed in costumes, he’s always there to put in hard work and offer a good laugh when needed.

My decision to vote for Zack Geary for City Council in Ward 2 is an easy one. I look forward to seeing all the ways he continues to serve our town for decades to come.

Mary Beth Branch



Portland vs. New York

I’ve been asking myself lately...

What if the city of Portland were attacked tomorrow, as the city of New York was on Sept. 11, 2001? Would we all react the same as we did then and come together as one nation?

Would I react the same way? Would you?

Just the fact that I’m asking myself these questions is pitiable.

Dale Lux



Old guard has had its day

Yamhill County is changing. Many members of the old guard have turned the reins over to a new generation of business and political leaders.

The county’s 10 city councils are now diverse political bodies featuring members of various ages, genders, ethnicities and political affiliations. But the current county commission, which oversees the unincorporated areas encompassing our 10 cities, is a homogeneous body consisting of three urban, retirement-aged power brokers.

That’s why I am urging everyone to consider voting for Casey Kulla. There is nothing wrong with any of our current commissioners. They are all leading exceptional lives.

A mayor of our biggest city, a beloved TV star and a gifted civic leader have, admirably, all stepped up to take on this public service role.

hat they all have in common, however, is that they do not, by virtue of their life experiences, represent the majority of today’s rural, young and entrepreneurial county. Along comes Casey Kulla, who’s in the thick of his life. He’s a father of two young children who co-manages a super successful, self-made family ag business. And his burning desire is to utilize his fancy advanced degrees. It’s not practical to have just three siting urban commissioners making so many decisions on so many rural land-use issues, such as the landfill conflict, quarry siting, rails to trails project and urban growth boundary expansion onto farmland, not to mention solar farms and pop-up rodeos.

The county has a highly paid financial administrator to make sure county finances are on a sound footing. What’s missing is the future-thinking rural business perspective of a middle of life candidate like Casey.

It’s time for the old guard to start ceding power to leaders reflective of today’s Yamhill County. Please vote for Casey Kulla for county commissioner.

Ramsey McPhillips



Climate action imperative

Earlier this month, the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change released its latest findings.

It seems like every new report paints a more dire picture than the previous one. Climate change is accelerating so fast many reports are outdated by the time they are published.

I wonder, what will it take for us to wake up? Do we have children? Grandchildren? Do we care about the human race? The millions of species of plants and animals that are either already gone or severely threatened?

As a person of faith, I’m sure God will hold us accountable for what we have done, and are continuing to do, to His creation. So, do our faith leaders shout this from the rooftops? Some do, but many do not.

There are lots of issues that cry for us to get involved, and they are all important. But I submit none is more important than climate change.
Please. If you can read, if critical thinking is something you do on at least a semi-regular basis, do some research into the science of climate change. Don’t accept the drivel from the talk show hosts.

Then get involved. Urge your governmental officials at all levels, over and over, to do something. And vote them out of office if they refuse.
Your children and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren, will thank you.

Rick Hammond



Can’t trust the untruthful

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been seated on the Supreme Court, we all have an opportunity to reflect dispassionately on the process that got him there.

To me, Kavanaugh was less than truthful on a number of occasions. Some of these are open to question, but many are straightforward.
This nominee came from a list provided in collaboration between White House Counsel Don McGahn and The Federalist Society, with no input from the attorney general. Yet in accepting the nomination, he started out by saying, “No president has ever consulted more widely, nor talked to more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.”

When Kavanaugh was 17, the legal drinking age in Maryland was 21, not 18 as he repeatedly stated. He indicated he got into Yale based solely on his hard work, when he was, in fact, a legacy; his grandfather had gone to Yale. And when discussing the entries in his yearbook, he clearly lied when explaining the meanings of “Devil’s Triangle,” “Boofed” and “Renate Alumnius.”

In spite of the fact most documents related to Kavanaugh’s time in George W. Bush’s White House were withheld, there is enough information available to know he lied when he testified he had no involvement in decisions on enhanced interrogation and surveillance. And I haven’t even mentioned Christine Blasey Ford.

My parents taught me that if someone isn’t truthful about the little things, you certainly can’t trust them on the big things.

Les Howsden



We’re better than this

Oregonians of good will should step forward and vote no on Measure 105.

For 30 years, we have been known as a “sanctuary state.” During that time, we have not allowed racial profiling by our already over-extended public safety officers.

This ballot measure would move us backward toward a time of racial profiling and discrimination. It would bring fear and confusion to the lives of many of our neighbors and friends, not to mention their children, who are already confused about whether or not they are a real part of our community.

We are better than this. Vote no on Measure 105.

Deborah McQuade


Getting job done in Salem

It has been my privilege to know and work with Rep. Ron Noble as the city’s chief of police, and over the past two years as my representative in House District 24. I have visited his legislative office in Salem numerous times on issues that have been important to our city, including transportation, education, housing and homelessness.

We have met at numerous community meetings and public functions. He makes himself available to those he represents and always listens. In addition, I’ve been impressed with his honesty, integrity and leadership, and his ability to build consensus within government.
Having worked in local government, where the rubber meets the road, he has experience and expertise he can put to good use in Salem. He became effective immediately as the elected voice for our district.

He serves on five committees: the House Committee on Human Services and Housing, House Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development, House Committee on Transportation Policy, Joint Committee on Way & Means and Joint Committee on Ways & Means Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development. That’s is a major accomplishment for a freshman representative.

We need a representative who supports the education of our children, improvements to our health care system and a sustainable state budget. We need to re-elect Ron Noble as our state representative.

He’s a good listener with a strong commitment to the job and passionately positive voice. Re-elect Ron Noble.

Mayor Scott Hill


Working hard for you

I wanted to reach out and share why I support McMinnville City Councilor Sal Peralta for return to service.

While I don’t live in your community, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sal on issues that impact cities, including housing, PERS reform, land use and workforce development — common themes for all communities. And he’s been a real advocate for McMinnville residents at the state Legislature.

I’ve also had an opportunity to work in a more targeted way with Sal on issues like campaign finance reform, independent redistricting and voting rights. I have watched him serve on a work group with very disparate political views and drive participants to find common ground, taking the best ideas from each political party represented to build consensus.

It’s that type of listening and engagement that we need from our elected leaders.

City council races are non-partisan, but I don’t mind sharing that Sal and I are not in the same political party. Every community deserves leaders who prioritize people, not party agendas — people who will work to do the most good for the most people with limited resources.
I’ll look forward to working with Sal again in Salem on state issues that affect McMinnville residents. Please know he is working hard for you and should earn your vote.

Rep. Julie Parrish

R-West Linn


Passionate about projects

I worked with Zack Geary for six years on the McMinnville City Club Board. He chaired the board and ran well-organized meetings.
Zack is energetic, smart, creative, passionate and enthusiastic about any project in which he is involved. Please vote Zack for city councilor in Ward 2.

Gloria Lutz



Grass roots support

The dedicated “Friends of Danny Jaffer” just finished handwriting 16,000 postcards for mailing to District 23 voters.

Some people wrote, addressed and stamped hundreds of the cards all by themselves. It was a big project.

In response, the campaign of the ghostly Rep. Mike Nearman had the National Rifle Association print and send a set of postcards on his behalf. Generally, Nearman eschews communication with voters. So, who do you think will represent the voters versus the NRA?

Danny Jaffer owns guns, as do I. He supports the Second Amendment, as do I. He also recognizes, as do I and 75 percent of Americans of both parties, that some limited gun control is necessary to reduce the astronomical death toll by gunshot. There are two sides to the gun issue, the irrational side where anyone should be able to buy any gun anytime and the rational side where people who should not have guns don’t have access to them.

In that I don’t want to die at the hands of some nut with a gun, I’m with Danny Jaffer.

Fred Brown



Experience on civil side

As a lawyer, I probably get more worked up than most people over elections for judge. So I was really excited to discover Jennifer Chapman, a public sector labor lawyer just like me, is running for judge this year in Yamhill County.

A “public sector labor lawyer” works with public agencies and their employees. In my 30-year career, I represented agencies — cities, school districts and other public entities, i.e. management — while Jennifer represents employees, i.e. labor.

Whether working for the boss or the worker, we both practice the same law — constitutional law. The US Constitution’s 14th Amendment guarantees public employees due process and equal protection under the law. Both agency and employee lawyers must work to ensure that procedures and decisions are fair, non-discriminatory and effective.

In my practice, I sometimes came before judges who didn’t understand the difference between public and private employment. Often, judges weren’t familiar with special legal procedures applying to public agencies. Having someone on the local bench who recognizes these issues would benefit all of us greatly, whether we are employees, fellow judges or taxpayers.

Jennifer Chapman has broad civil law experience. Unlike her opponent, and all current Yamhill County judges, she has worked extensively in courtrooms across the state in matters involving child support, auto accidents, collections, breach of contract and more. And these are the kinds of legal issues that will bring most of us into a courtroom.

Her diverse practice has also introduced her to alternative processes that might be adapted to make Yamhill County courts run even more smoothly.

We want a judge who can relate to all of us. Jennifer Chapman fits that bill. I urge you to vote for Chapman this fall.

Susan Watkins



Jaffer in House 23

Patriot. Retired career Naval aviator who saw active duty in the Middle East and engaged in humanitarian assistance operations.

Danny Jaffer truly knows what it means to serve his community and country. He has volunteered his time locally in innumerable ways, from the food bank to youth sports, and continues to. He knows that achievement requires listening, leadership and teamwork rather than grandstanding.

He will work for affordable health care, clean water and air, financially accessible education and living wage jobs. These are broad community interests that call for someone who can lead and also negotiate, someone who is pro-active rather than reactive.

Danny Jaffer has earned a law degree and served as a legislative assistant, so he’s not a Legislature novice. He’s the one for the job. Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, he’s one of us, and so very much more. He has shown the caliber of his character throughout a career of public service, both nationally and locally.

It’s time to elect Danny Jaffer. Join me in voting for Danny Jaffer to become our District 23 Representative.

Susan Karp



Making Mac better

I fully support Sal Peralta for McMinnville City Council in Ward 1.

I’ve known Sal since he moved to McMinnville. For well over a decade, he’s been working with local and statewide folks to make McMinnville (and Oregon) a better place to live.

His heart is in the right place. He does his homework and is fully invested in our community.

I attended a city council meeting recently, and was thoroughly impressed with his compassionate and extensive work regarding housing for our homeless population. It would be a disservice to McMinnville to pass up someone with his experience.

We need to keep Sal!

Dayna Gilbert




Mr. Katz You maybe right about the great Trumpian Party wave to continue its hold on our Federal Government. That you quote Michael Moore to back up your contention is precious. And you go to show you are a true Trumpian Party loyalist by referring to your fellow Americans as a screaming mob. Mob being the current designation for your fellow citizens who might disagree with the Trumpian Party. And how those who call names are offended when they are called names. To be totally controlled by one party is your desire, you have had your wish for the past two years and maybe far into the future. Oregon has had that situation for a long time, how do you think that has worked out?

Don Dix

Rick Hammond -- Sorry, but the IPCC has overestimated or been completely wrong since inception. With a fairly steady CO2 level since 200 A.D., the world has experienced the Roman Warm Period (growing grapes in Scotland), the Medieval Warm Period (farming in Greenland), and the Little Ice Age (disease and famine due to food crop failure). And yet the IPCC has labeled CO2 as the driver of temps, even though the proof is that CO2 follows temps by an average of 800 years.

On a local basis, Portland supposedly set a record this summer of 31 days of 90 degrees plus. However, looking at records for McMinnville, in 1931 Mac recorded 50 plus days of 90+. 'Experts' explained it away by pronouncing Portland records don't go back that far. So logic says if a city 30 miles to the SW has records that call a big BS on Portland's record, the obvious conclusion is promotion of the 'warming scare' and not fact.

The dire predictions are designed to frighten and then control the masses. How many predictions have been proven wrong by observation? -- a closer inspection reveals nearly all! Disappearance of polar ice (no), an increase and intensity of hurricanes and tornados (no), evacuation of low-lying areas due to sea rise (no), decline in Polar Bear pop. (no). The list is long and varied, but the only common denominator is failed predictions.

I would submit that the 'drivel' about global warming or climate change is coming from the IPCC and not those who call out the inconsistencies of every report submitted since the IPCC was formed.


Mr Dix. It is good to be skeptical and want proof and to think critically. You raise good points about ancient times. What the scientists today are seeing is the human footprint (well CO2 Print) on the atmosphere. Ancient times you mention did not have billions of humans, all of the billions of miles being driven, or all of the other exhausts our billions of humans are producing. The scientists seem to be saying there is evidence our billions of actions are excoriating the effects of CO2 and other elements on our earth's atmosphere. It seems to me our current situation is just a tad different than Roman Warm Period. I'm old so I won't see it, but Mr Dix I feel very sad for what our children, grand, and great grandchildren may have to experience. I enjoyed position, I have to go with what most of the scientists are saying about what we current humans are doing to our only home.

Don Dix

Mike -- My father was Mr. Dix -- I prefer Don.

The Romans were growing grapes in Britain. Today, that industry there is in it's infancy. That points directly to it being warmer in 100 A.D., right?

But my skepticism is thus -- Some 20+ yrs. ago, the story was 'global warming', and very soon! -- and then the Mother Nature didn't cooperate. So the handle morphed into 'climate change'. Wait! Since the formation of Earth, climate change has been the constant. It's been hotter - it's been colder - it's been dryer - and it's been wetter - forever!

So today, when it's unusually hot across the plains - east, all the promoters can't pat themselves on the back enough - 'we told you'. But, if you remember last winter, from the Rockies - east, it was bitter cold, with heavy snow at least 7 times (feet of snow) after Feb. 1. That was explained away as 'being an abnormality', and 'nothing to do with what we are trying to explain about climate change. Really?

When the predictions of doom fail miserably from the beginning, and those selling the propaganda continually change the goalposts to avoid any admission of being wrong, that gets chased off my porch -- with prejudice!


My daughter has chosen to stop playing volleyball for Linfield College due to the abusive and bullying behavior of the Head Coach, Josh Davis.
The volleyball team filed a 9-page complaint with Athletic Director, Garry Killgore detailing the verbal and emotional abuse only to be told they need to deal with it as adults and turn a negative into a positive. Garry Killgore told the team he would fire Coach Davis if he could but is unable to since he is a gay black man and would potential involve a lawsuit
Many of us parents expressed our concerns to the Dean, Susan Hopp, only to be dismissed and told “As far as I know, this could be all about playing time.”
The players have been told they are dumb, are a joke, don’t have heart and don’t deserve to be on the team. Coach Davis uses profanity at the girls and last week screamed in my daughters face when she was trying to calmly address a team concern with him.
Coach Davis talks individually with girls and bad mouths the other players on the team causing drama and undermines the team’s cohesiveness. He never encourages players and gives technically incorrect direction. He told the team he has been dealing with a medical issue that has affected his cognitive ability. So why wouldn’t he take FMLA and not subject our children to abusive, irrational and retaliatory behavior.
It breaks my heart that my daughter felt she had to give up the sport she has loved her whole life because she won’t subject herself to a coach who is abusive and a bully and his coaching philosophies defy everything she believes and stands for.
Shame on the Linfield College administration for their inactions to allow their students to be treated this way.
Shelli Wainwright
Aka Taylor Petersen’s Mom


Susan Watkins - "In my practice, I sometimes came before judges who didn’t understand the difference between public and private employment."

Yeah, I find that very difficult to believe. It's not rocket science. Public = government and private = citizenry. That's common sense.


Mr. Hansen - "According to the Oregon Judicial Information Network, most matters that come before Oregon courts are civil matters or violations."

Not according to the court calendar (docket) in any given month for Yamhill County, specifically, which is heavily weighted towards criminal than civil.

"most matters" is not the rule for every single county across the state. It's merely a generalized statement based on averages, not the factually based norm.


Don. Maybe your right. If you see the 'climate change' or whatever the popular phrase of the day prediction similar to the 'it's end times...yes, three days from now Jesus returns'. Darn it didn't happen because God decided to wait 10 years' From my reading of the messages from scientist is what we are doing is impacting the life cycle of the earth. And as you point out the cycles can be long time coming and a long time leaving. The scientists are saying what we're doing is speeding up the cycle, really speeding, in geological time. We are billions and for our individual convenience on a world wide scale we humans we are dumping toxins into our atmosphere, at the same time we're depleting the cleansing reservoirs like the Amazon. I know you are dismissing the gloom and doom predictions as if they are going to happen tomorrow. In geological time if we keep going as we are (and I see no indication otherwise) our induced climate cycle as many scientists suggest will happen in one to two hundred years, that is less than an instant of geological time. Unfortunately it is within the life span of our grandchildren and their children. I know you'll say, 'there you just moving the goal posts again'. I hope the scientists are wrong, and I'm mistaken.


My family has known the Phillips family for over 70 yrs. Ramsey Phillips hit the nail on the head when he said "It's high time we look forward to the future". I couldn't agree more. Casey Kulla, due to his technical training, work and business experience and open mindedness is better prepared to sort fact from fiction, scare tactics from truth, and true opportunity from false promises His ability to listen and seek common ground among people of different views makes him a better candidate than Mr. Primozich. I'm happy to see others in particular the News Register supporting him. Yes, it's time for a change.


Gordon - "Ramsey Phillips hit the nail on the head when he said "It's high time we look forward to the future". I couldn't agree more."

What does that mean, really? Looking toward the future. Please explain.


The letter from Susan Watkins, cogent and well-reasoned, makes a great case for Jennifer Chapman.


Dan Katz - I'm surprised you didn't include the words "Lock Her Up"....Trump is so proud of his obedient followers. As you cheer on Trump and his party don't be surprised when you wake up one day very soon and realize that democracy no longer exists in America. At the Cruz rally yesterday, Trump proudly admitted he is a "nationalist." Want to know the names of some other leaders of nationalist regimes?" Gaddafi, Pinochet, Franco, Milocevic, Putin, Tojo, Mussolini, and Hitler of Germany. But, keep on supporting a mad-man as he destroys our country....me I'm voting for people who still believe in American democracy.


Mr. Katz--Merkley and Wyden at least showed integrity in a losing proposition in which the good ol' boys can't seem to graduate from their outdated fraternity. I guess they haven't heard how American women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in this country over the next decade. Money equals power. And guess what? These women vote.


Mudstump - "Dan Katz - I'm surprised you didn't include the words "Lock Her Up"....Trump is so proud of his obedient followers. As you cheer on Trump and his party don't be surprised when you wake up one day very soon and realize that democracy no longer exists in America."

At least those who support Trump are intelligent and can comment without using regurgitated talking points, sort of like this tripe here below:

"At the Cruz rally yesterday, Trump proudly admitted he is a "nationalist." Want to know the names of some other leaders of nationalist regimes?" Gaddafi, Pinochet, Franco, Milocevic, Putin, Tojo, Mussolini, and Hitler of Germany."

Just like a liberal, misconstrue the term to fit your narrative and not the context in which it was given (i.e. quoting out of context fallacy). When Trump said he was a nationalist, he clearly meant he was a person with the devotion and loyalty to one's own country (textbook dictionary definition), and that he has proven with all the things accomplished within two years Obama couldn't get done in 8!

When those other clowns you mentioned used the term, in context with their statement juxtaposed to their actions, it clearly meant something else negative and self-centered with no care or concern for their country or their countrymen.

"But, keep on supporting a mad-man as he destroys our country...me I'm voting for people who still believe in American democracy."

Destroys our country? LOL!!!

Here is a list of some of the great things Trump as done to Make America Great Again:


Though I doubt that you will even look at it. It is what a denialist does. Deny deny deny and deny some more while retorting with made up and misconstrued liberal fallacious talking points, just like the comment you made quoted above.


T.W.S. - Can we take Trump at his word? It was his use of the word...not mine. Is he lying when he says he's a nationalist....?


Lulu - "...cogent and well-reasoned..."

Really? Let's see...

"Whether working for the boss or the worker, we both practice the same law — constitutional law."

WRONG! Oh so very very wrong!

The area of their practice is contract and employment law, NOT constitutional law!

Constitutional Law is a specific area of practice that focuses strictly on interpreting and applying the laws of each state's constitution as well as the federal constitution; whereby attorneys who practice constitutional law bring these issues to the courts to ask for clarification about the meaning, interpretation and enforcement of the constitution.

While she and others practice contract and employment law, they may bring forth constitutional issues/questions no different than a criminal prosecutor or defense attorney would...but by having an understanding of the constitutional (state and federal) and addressing said concerns in a case, it does not make one a constitutional lawyer.

Bill B

This truly is "Whine" country!


Mudstump - "T.W.S. - Can we take Trump at his word? It was his use of the word...not mine. Is he lying when he says he's a nationalist....?"

Morphology. Syntax. Phonetics. Semantics. And Context.

Cherry picking a word out of context destroys the intended meaning of the term, making it easier for one to create a straw man fallacy out of it, as you previously did.


Real constructive there, Bill B.

Bill B

Actually I was talking to Mudstump


T.W.S. - Out of context...really?

Trump...word for word at a Cruz rally in Texas on October 22, 2018.

"They have a word. It sort of became old-fashioned. It's called a nationalist. And I say, really, we're not supposed to use that word? You know who I am? I'm a nationalist okay? I'm a nationalist."

From his lips to our ears. Have a great evening.


T.W.S. - I'm sure Trump would rather have us talking about how he was taken out of context when he calls himself a nationalist rather than the indictments and guilty pleas from 32 people in the Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

He'll say anything to keep the media away from reporting on....

George Papadopoulos - pleaded guilty
Paul Manafort - charged with 25 counts - pleaded guilty
Rick Gates - pleaded guilty
Michael Flynn - pleaded guilty
13 Russian nationals - indicted
Richard Pinedo - pleaded guilty
Alex van der Zwaan - pleaded guilty and sentenced
Konstantin Kilimnik - charged obstruction of justice and witness tampering....currently in Russia
12 Russians GRU officers (Russian Military Intelligence)
Michael Cohen - pleaded guilty to eight counts
Sam Patten - pleaded guilty

Maybe you can tell me....is it pled or pleaded when used in the past tense?


I sure got a kick recently when Trump told his gaggle of followers how the hurricanes accomplished something positive--they proved to Americans who suspected him of wearing a toupee that his hair is genuine--did not blow off in heavy winds while he surveyed the areas. How refreshing it is to look on the bright side.


Mudstump - "T.W.S. - I'm sure Trump would rather have us talking about how he was taken out of context when he calls himself a nationalist rather than the indictments and guilty pleas from 32 people in the Trump/Russia collusion investigation."

Oh please. None of those so-called guilty pleas or any other plea deals have absolutely nothing to do with POTUS Trump directly or indirectly. What others do on their own choosing is their choosing.

I mean seriously, so Flynn lied to the FBI. Oh no, stop the press! Someone lied to the FBI! *face palm* Manafort committed tax evasion and bank fraud. Nothing to do with Trump. Gates, lying and conspiring to launder money, nothing to do with Trump. Papadopoulos, lying to the FBI. Zwaan, lying to federal officials. Pinedo, selling bank accounts to individuals he did not know were Russians at the time.

I can go on and on listing all the offenses that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Trump, nothing!

That whole Russian Collusion investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt that has turned up absolutely ZERO evidence linking Trump to any of it.

So like your straw man fallacies taking words out of context, you deflect using this liberal garbage.


T.W.S. - "That whole Russian Collusion investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt that has turned up absolutely ZERO evidence linking Trump to any of it."

Mueller's "witch hunt" investigation sure has caught a lot of warlocks.


TWS: You make such ironic observations. Is this what y’all expected when dear leader assured his faithful that he would hire only the BEST people? Best at what? To many of us it appears that he is running a criminal enterprise on our dime and to our detriment.

It’s true that “beauty” is in the eye of the beholder, and one can excuse or justify absolutely anything when devotion is blind to the facts. The truth will shake out eventually – it always does.


treefarmer - And I will take this administration over the previous any day of the week. Talk about criminals and what they got away with. Mueller is only covering his own behind because it will come out what they were all a part of. Just wait.


For those who remember that Obama had a Republican Congress for the last six years of his term. A Congress who explicitly said and who resisted him and his policies at every turn, including not holding a hearing for his Supreme Court nomination for nine months, it seems odd to hear the complains about his tenure in Office. The Republicans made their bargain with Trump. They have control of the Supreme Court and their resistance in to Obama's Federal Court nomination, has paid off as they have control of many of the life time Federal Court positions. The wealth and corporation got a nice tax break. It seems to me they are happy campers. They've exploded the debt and get to blame my social security and medicare. And we're all focused on the Trumpster. It's sad.


Finch - I must have missed the part where Obama's campaign manager was indicted...or his National Security Advisor....or his personal lawyer....

I for one can't wait for the illegitimate occupier of the "dump" White House to leave. Yeah, he called the White House a dump. I guess you're okay with that. I sure miss a president that can speak in complete sentences about something other than himself.


Hey Finch. I am very interested to learn some specifics about the criminal incidents you allege, and what it is you believe the Obama administration “got away with.” I inquire in all seriousness, and hope you can share some of the facts that inform your opinion.

Re the honorable Republican Robert Mueller, in spite of the lies and vicious slurs perpetrated by dear leader, (and company) it seems to me this patriot is performing a critical service to America. (a thankless job I bet he didn’t even want) I wonder if you know anything about his record and reputation? He was born into wealth but chose to enlist in the Marine Corps. While risking his life in Vietnam he was awarded the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart and the Cross of Gallantry. He went on to serve our country under both Republican and Democratic administrations and held the second longest term as the head of the FBI. He shepherded America through the horrific aftermath of 9/11 and worked diligently to bring some notorious bad guys to justice during his career. To date he has rooted out, prosecuted, and secured convictions for many people in the Russian investigation. Our democracy was, and still is, being attacked, it looks to me like he is just doing his job. As someone who values national security, I am grateful. What is it exactly that you think “will come out that they [?] were all a part of.” And again, this is a serious inquiry, I would really like to understand the basis for your comments.


Mudstump - you mean the guy that refused to protect our borders but wouldn't move into his home without a brick wall built around it? The guy that read his teleprompter with his nose and chin in the air like the world was beneath him. The one who when speaking off teleprompter stuttered 'I, I, I, ME, ME, ME'. Everything about him - egotistical narcissist. The one who said jobs 'weren't coming back and 'what,was Trump going to do - wave a magic wand?' His exact words. Enjoy the next two to six years like we enjoyed the previous eight. At least jobs are everywhere, building and businesses are doing so much better and our retirements are growing. Not everything those people did was related to Trump but typical to blame him. Unrelated in many cases.

Let me guess - Hillary again or 'foot in the mouth Biden, Warren, Harris, Booker.


Finch - "Mudstump - you mean the guy that refused to protect our borders..."

Both George W Bush and Obama sent troops to the Mexican border to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars. Why does Trump keep lying about that?
Teleprompter?...who cares?


Hey again Finch. That’s quite a response to Mudstump, it is distressing to read your lingering rage about the Obama years. And isn’t it interesting how the same body language can be interpreted so differently? Where you see arrogance, I have always perceived dignity. But say what you will about our last President, NO ONE can compete with the current resident of the White house in terms of naked malicious narcissism. “I am the smartest, I am the richest, I know more than the Generals, I have never made a mistake, I alone can fix it, “ etc. The constant shameless masturbation of his own ego is so repulsive it gags me. (I am aware that some of you will be very pleased to know that.)

But back to your post to me. You warned “…..just wait.” I respectfully requested some specifics about the confusing allegations you advanced about the Obama administration, and Mr. Mueller’s investigation. So I am waiting…… and wondering if you intend to clarify your comments to help us understand your point of view?


My family has known the Phillips family for over 70 years. Ramsey Phillips hit the nail on the head when he said It’s time for the old guard to start ceding power to leaders reflective of today’s Yamhill County.” “It's high time we look forward to the future.” I couldn't agree more. Casey Kulla due to his technical training, work and business experience and open mindedness is better prepared to sort fact from fiction, scare tactics from truth, true opportunity from false promises. His ability to listen and seek common ground among people of different views makes him a better candidate than Mr Primozich. I'm happy to see others in particular the News Register supporting him. Yes, time for a change!


Can we finally call a spade a spade? After the horrific murders of 11 Jewish people in their Synagogue Saturday....can we finally say that the party of Trump is racist and anti-Semitic? Can we acknowledge that he was serious when he called himself a nationalist? He knew full-well what he was saying and he knew the title of nationalist carried serious implications...yet, he claimed the name proudly. Is there any doubt that nationalism brought us two world wars and the Holocaust? When will good people on the right speak up against this president? Trump is dangerous and he is playing with fire for his own benefit and amusement. Vote the party of Trump out....while you still can.... before he does more harm to this country. If you think it can't happen here...take a look at what is happening in Brazil and other countries across the globe.


Mudstump – I assume you aren’t holding your breath? It is demoralizing to watch some of our fellow Americans refuse to accept the truth and condemn dear leader for the hateful mendacious divisive bigot he has proved himself to be. Worse yet, it is obvious that some of them DO see it and really truly like it. (Lord of the Flies?) This is deeper than dangerous; it has toxified the soul of the nation and metastasized across the globe. I pray for a blue wave that will be powerful enough to overwhelm all the anti-American voter-suppression as well as the prospect of corrupted voting machines. If he can do this much damage in two unconstrained years, imagine what he can destroy with two more? We know who the REAL enemy of the people is, and it sure as hell isn’t the free press.

It appears that the Finch person is not inclined to reveal any insights into the specifics of certain allegations made in this thread. The silence speaks volumes.


treefarmer - It took awhile, but the term deplorable fits for the most extreme and radical elements of Trump's base.


Mudstump - AMEN!


"It appears that the Finch person is not inclined to reveal any insights into the specifics of certain allegations made in this thread. The silence speaks volumes."

This Finch person has been a little busy as of late with my job!

It doesn't matter what I try to explain or any of my viewpoints - you two are such haters it will do nothing.


Finch - "It doesn't matter what I try to explain or any of my viewpoints - you two are such haters it will do nothing."

You are correct, I am hating....I'm hating that you and other Trump supports can't back up your wild claims against Obama and democrats with facts.


Finch – it does seem curious that you came here, posted some bewildering vitriolic comments about our last President and about the honorable patriot who is investigating the cyber-attack on America, and then came back, not to support your positions but instead to accuse two of your fellow bloggers of being “haters.” It is true I have strong reactions to what is happening to the values and character and very foundation of this nation. Does that make me a “hater?” I inquired respectfully about your comments. You obviously take exception to my opinions, but at least you can discern something about what informs them, about why I see things the way I do. I remain interested to gain some insight into why you feel the way YOU do, and what you rely on for sources.

I have often disagreed with aspects of the leadership of this country but never before have I witnessed our democracy being destroyed systematically and DELIBERATELY on a daily basis. (The vile “enemy of the people” rhetoric perverts truth and is eroding the vital protections of the First Amendment and the Constitution.) I cannot comprehend how this could be acceptable to anyone. I will continue to hope that blind devotion will give way to awareness of reality: we are all on board the same ship; it is commanded by a malicious narcissist who has not a clue about what he is doing, or a care about anyone but himself, his power, his wealth, and his hair. We deserve better. YOU deserve better.

May the election results on Tuesday begin the healing of America.

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