Letters to the Editor: Sept. 14, 2018

Epic memories from the pool

Great article on the history of McMinnville aquatic facilities.

I have a fuzzy recollection of the pre-1956 pool in the park. Memories of adventures at the two post-1956 pools are much clearer and too numerous to count.
Dibble Dabble had obviously evolved into a full contact sport by the time I was participating.

We didn’t use popsicle sticks, though, as they were way too big. We found the smallest little nubbin of a twig, usually from the deck of the outdoor pool.
You uttered “Dibble Dabble” only when you had successfully retrieved the twig and survived the mayhem enough to get to the surface. It was fair game to jump on anyone you thought might have the twig, as long as you did it before he or she got to the surface.

How DD never became a professional sport is a mystery.

I also swam competitively. I remember Don Schollander, winner of four gold medals at the ‘64 Olympics, visiting to inspire us.

After landing a job at the pool, I learned the staff had some great waterfights after hours. They often involved ice cold water from the always-on drinking fountains, which was carried around in swimming caps.

We were also known to launch water balloons over the library with a metal funnel and surgical tubing.

Ron Kam was my first real “boss,” and the best I ever had. He should have fired me early on. but that’s a story for another time.

Rick Hammond



Owl goes missing in night

I am a retiree living on a small, quiet cul-de-sac in Southwest McMinnville.

Sometime during the night of Sept. 6, a decoration was stolen from my front yard. It was a cement owl with yellow glass eyes, about 18 inches tall and quite heavy.

I am more concerned with the act of theft than loss of the item. If anyone knows who took it, please encourage them to return it. Whether youth or adult, their integrity is more important than that owl.

Is this type of petty thievery becoming more frequent in our community? I cannot imagine a world where we have to put alarms on our yard art and birdbaths!

Patricia Cates



A broader perspective

Last week on my way into McMinnville, I watched workers erect a big sign plugging Commissioner Stan Primozich’s re-election campaign. The sign went up beside Highway 18 on property owned by Waste Management, next to the driveway into what used to be an affordable-housing RV park.

You know the place. Waste Management evicted the park and its low-income tenants years ago, ostensibly because the land would be needed for a dump expansion that hasn’t happened so far.

It’s fitting that Stan’s sign went up on Waste Management land, because he’s voted twice to expand the dump. He’s also taken big donations from Waste Management to fund his political campaigns.

Fortunately, we can vote Primozich out this November and vote Casey Kulla in. Casey understands the negative impact the landfill has on our community. 
Riverbend may once have been a county asset, but no longer. The smell, size, trucks, litter, birds and location between the river and highway make the dump a liability.

But Casey is more than a one-issue candidate. He’s a husband, father, farmer and small businessman who understands the hard work and big challenges faced by business and agriculture, two major Yamhill County economic sectors.

He’s also a student, studying law. With this background, he would bring a uniquely broad perspective to the county board of commissioners. 

Moreover, Casey is passionate about democracy. To ensure all Yamhill County residents have a strong say in our government, he proposes switching to a five-member board, with each commissioner elected by district so every part of the county has a voice. 

Casey Kulla brings something else Yamhill County sorely needs: A younger generation’s experiences and aspirations. Vote Kulla in November!

Susan Watkins



Our next judge

Yamhill County Circuit Court has four judges. One of them, Judge Stone, is retiring.

It is extremely important that he is replaced by someone with similar experience in civil law. This is why I am supporting Jennifer Chapman.

Jennifer’s background in civil law is extensive, vast and highly respected. Hands down, Jennifer’s background makes her the best candidate for this position.
She currently practices civil law, and has more than 15 years of experience here in Oregon. She spends many long days all over the state resolving major issues. She has worked with everyone, from workers to employers and small businesses to big.

She has handled labor disputes, child support cases, child custody and  landlord-tenant issues, employment cases and more. And these are the kinds of civil law cases that most people deal with in their lives.

Civil cases require more than a guilty/not guilty decision. We need someone who can look at all sides and make the best decision, based on the law.
Yamhill County has three very good judges that are all former prosecutors. Our bench needs balance.

Jennifer Chapman is the only choice for Yamhill County Circuit Court. We need Jennifer Chapman for judge.

Renita Hansen



Geary for the council

The purpose of this letter is to endorse the candidacy of fellow Ward 2 Zack Geary for election to the McMinnville City Council.

We are currently serving on the city planning commission, along with seven other citizen volunteers. And Mr. Geary is serving as vice-chair, via election by his commission peers.

The commission consists of nine members appointed by the city council. It takes direct action or makes recommendations to the council on a variety of complex, current and long-range land use matters.

The scope and variety of issues sent to the commission for resolution provides a significant experience base of understanding of city governance processes.
During the conduct of commission business, I have been favorably impressed with Zack’s contributions during public hearings, his analysis skills of technical content, attentiveness to public testimony, and leadership in developing consensus resolutions to complex issues. 

In summary, I believe that Mr. Geary has demonstrated the skills and the knowledge of city governmental processes to serve as an efficient and effective city councilor. This election, I will be voting Zack for Mac and I implore you to do the same.

Roger Lizut



Looking to Obama

Christmas 2018 came early.

The date, Friday, Sept. 7. The place, the University of Illinois at Urbana. The occasion, Barack Hussein Obama begins campaigning for mid-term Democrats.
Remember 2010 and 2014? Two generations of Democrats slaughtered.

So please, Obama, come to Oregon. Campaign for our mid-term Democratic candidates.

Incumbent U.S. Reps. Bonamici, Blumenauer, DeFazio and Schrader. District 2 challenger McLeod-Skinner, too.

Of course, campaign extra hard for Gov. Brown. And don’t forget to attack Oregon’s Measure 105, to repeal the state’s sanctuary law.
While you’re at it, put in a good word for U.S. Sens. Merkley and Wyden. Portland Mayor Wheeler, too.

Believe me, Republicans will love you.

Dan Katz




Renita Hansen - Chapman is NOT the best candidate here. There are FAR MORE criminal cases heard in the YC Circuit Court than civil, which is why the judges are more experienced in criminal matters; and yet they can switch to civil cases easily as that is a part of their training when being elected a judge. Civil cases have a lower burden of proof whereas criminal law has the highest burden proof of all. More than that, criminal laws and sentencing guidelines are far more complex than the punitive damages and consequences of civil law.

Yamhill County needs a jurist who is experienced in criminal law, not civil law. That's an easy transition to hearing a case than the reverse.

Electing Chapman would cause a long delay in her ability to hear criminal cases, which puts the burden of the criminal calendar on the other judges until she is experienced enough to hear criminal cases. We do not need to over burden our courts within criminal cases, possibly violating the accused with speedy trials, by waiting on Chapman to become qualified enough to be put on the criminal calendar docket. Nope.

Lisl Miller is the only truly qualified candidate for YC Circuit Court Judge.


Barry Obama recently asked us to remember when the great recovery for this nation began. I remember the day exactly. It was January 20, 2017. The day President Trump was sworn in. Thanks for reminding us Barry. The jobs you said were gone really weren't. The new normal for Barry was 1.9% growth over 8 years. He said it was the "new normal". Now it is 4.9%. Thanks for nothing Barak except for you reminding us when the recovery started.

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