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Sheridan council considers putting police services fee on ballot

SHERIDAN - The Sheridan City Council will hold a public hearing when it meets at 7 o'clock tonight related to placing an ordinance on the November general election ballot that would authorize, if approved by the voters, a police services fee be added to a resident's sewer/water bill.

Opponents and proponents of the ordinance must sign up in order to address the council and city staff. The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 7:15 followed by the remainder of council business.

The council will vote at the meeting on whether or not the ordinance will make the ballot.

If voters were to approve the ordinance, funds generated by resident fees will be used to enhance law enforcement service. The city contracts with the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.




Don't let the euphemism fool you. It's a tax. And, taxation is theft.


Taxation is not theft. It is a necessary part of the social contract for providing public services. The power to tax can be abused, and inequities are inevitable, but to broad-brush all taxation as theft is overly simplistic, and lends nothing to a legitimate critique of due process.


The ballot measure was initiated by the Sheridan Revitalization Committee, not the City Council. The measure will be voted on by the citizens of Sheridan so if it passes it will be a voter imposed fee.


Contract? I don't recall signing anything.


The contract was imputed with your citizenship, signed with the blood of earlier patriots. You are free to withdraw at any time.


You picked a good handle there, Sponge.


Don't judge a book by its cover, Rotwang. I've been voting Libertarian for a long time, but I also recognize the value of tempering my ideological preferences with the practical realities of our political structure. You may consider me a sell-out, but I have learned to be more broad-minded.


Taxation is theft

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