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Carlton turns down public safety building bond; WV Fire, Sheridan fees measures fail, too

CARLTON -- Voters turned down the $2.3 million bond measure that would have built a public safety building and cleared the way for construction of a new city hall with other funds.

The measure failed, 440 no to 287 yes, or 60.5 percent no to 39.5 percent yes, according to the final unofficial tally released by the Yamhill County Clerk's Office just after midnight.

Turnout was near 33 percent countywide, Clerk Brian Van Bergen said, but Carlton's turnout was much higher, at 49.44 percent.

If the bond had been approved, Carlton would have built a new police facility on the site now occupied by a commercial structure next door to city hall.

In addition to more space, the law enforcement building would have included rooms for interviewing suspects and victims, a secure evidence room and hazardous materials area, and a small sally port, or secure garage, in which a police car can park when an officer is transporting a person for questioning.

The city also would have used other money, including some from the water and sewer funds, to build a larger city hall that meets current safety standards.


West Valley fire levy falls


SHERIDAN - A five-year West Valley Fire District local option tax levy has been rejected, 469 no votes, 56.3 percent, to 364 yes, 43.7 percent, in most recent Polk and Yamhill County returns.

The levy would have cost patrons in the counties 50 cents per $1,000 of assessed value each year beginning in 2018-19 (July 1) for district operations and capital projects.

The district states it needs to replace all self-contained breathing apparatus because the units their service life will have expired in two years, replace replace minimally one ambulance due to age and high mileage, invest in maintenance and update the main station on East Main Street, improve the training grounds and props for firefighter training and sustain the community paramedic program while service contracts are developed.

The levy would have raised $134,826.39 this coming year, $138,871.18 in 2019-20, $143,037.32 in 2020-21, $147,328.44 in 2021-2022 and $151,748.29 in 2022-2023.




Sheridan rejects chart amendment

SHERIDAN - Voters have rejected a city of Sheridan charter amendment related to fees for new and added development, 344 no votes, 53.33 percent, to 301 yes, 46.67 percent, in most recent returns.

The amendment sought to allow annual increases in system development charges based on a cost of construction index.

An annual increase may be calculated to conform to a 10-year average of annual changes in the building cost index.



Good. People are beginning to say no to higher taxes.


Once again a tiny number of voters makes the decisions for everyone. In this case Sheridan has decided not to pay their share for public safety. And why should they? As West Valley Fire deteriorates, McMinnville Fire (and McMinnville taxpayers) will spend more money on more equipment to continue covering for them. Assuming Sheridan house fires, car wrecks, and heart attacks can wait that long.


One of the things I kept hearing in the discussion of the Carlton public safety building etc was "Why did we put the pool ahead of the urgent safety necessities now being brought to light?" So far no response.


The citizens of Carlton have spoken!


As much as a new public service building and a local option tax levy would benefit these cities, I believe supporters just don't realize how many people cannot afford any more fees or higher taxes.


I am wondering as well why we aren’t hearing more about these assaults/rapes. From my understanding there have been 3 in the past few weeks. One in the past few days. I would feel better if the Sheriff’s Department would make an official statement and either squash the rumors or appropriately notify our citizens we have criminal at large. Does anyone agree or am I just blowing this out of proportion?

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