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Wheatland Ferry reopens

WHEATLAND - The Wheatland Ferry has reopened after being closed for several days to to high water.

The ferry reopened about noon today, April 10,  according to the Marion County Public Works Department.

Heavy weekend rainfall forced the closure.



Seems to me the Ferry is an 1800's concept# closed often , Is a Bridge a non negotiable ? A bridge & toll seem's a better Idea.


Don't be silly. People won't use a toll bridge.

Don Dix

That bridge idea became a parking structure way back in the 60s.

really needs discussed, would it be beneficial ? likely traffic would increase, how much time would it save going across the bridge verse's long way around ? not silly to open different avenues of pro's and con's?
Time to get the old bucket out of the water ?


I love the Wheatland Ferry. It has character. We as a nation are very quick to discard pieces of the past with personality.


I like to go lay out in the sun at the ferry, and watch it go back and forth (yes, I'm easily entertained!) I don't want to watch cars drive over a bridge.....boringgggg.... :) I agree, it adds character!

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