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Extra patrols planned for Super Bowl Sunday

The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office will increase patrols on Super Bowl Sunday in an effort to minimize and reduce the negative impact impaired drivers can have on other motorists.

Additional patrols will be paid for through an Oregon State Sheriff's Association grant.

If you plan to host a party or attend a party where alcohol is being served you can take precautions beforehand to ensure everyone's safety.

If you host a party and provide alcohol:

* Make sure to also include food and non-alcoholic beverages.

* Monitor your guests' alcohol consumption and take the keys from a guest who has had too much to drink.

* Promote the use of designated drivers and stop impaired family members or friends from driving. If necessary, call a taxi.

* Always wear your seatbelt.

If you see a suspected impaired driver call 911 and report the activity. Some signs to look for are:

* Swerving or weaving in and out of a lane.

* Stopping abruptly at traffic signs or signals.

* Making unusually wide turns.

* Driving over curbs.

* Driving with headlights off after dark.

"Let's all pledge to plan ahead and make good decisions when it comes to celebrating the big game" Sheriff Tim Svenson said. "Driving after drinking places everyone on the road in danger and could lead to a tragic event."



My strategy for staying alive on superbowl Sunday is to stay home and not even venture out on the roads. Now days they aren't only comin' at you drunk...they are more likely than in the past to be comin' at you stoned.


Oregon has gone to pot.


I’d be more worried about texting/distracted drivers.


I agree with Denise. Distracted driving seems to be a much bigger problem.

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