Letters to the Editor: August 11, 2017

Stay classy, McMinnville

As prior owners of several small businesses, we are sympathetic to concerns of government regulations and mandates.

As residents, we are also concerned with public safety and the appearance of our community for both locals and visitors alike. It is very distracting — even overwhelming — driving Highway 99W through the visual barrage of waving flags that pop up overnight, posters, billboards, giant banners, window signs, flashing lights and gyrating costume-clad sign tossers.

In short, there is a hodgepodge of confusing, tacky and tasteless signs on top of signs.

We support the city’s efforts to bring some sanity to this visual clutter. Let artfully designed signage, architecture and landscaping direct our attention. Our civic leaders have done a marvellous job with Third Street. Let’s work together to keep McMinnville a beautiful small town.

Peter and Linda Enticknap



Downtown stinks

I am a 60-year-old woman with a few age-related aches and pains. I have always loved walking down Third Street and shopping at all the unique stores and cafés. However, I no longer feel safe.

This is because I was hit by an out-of-control skateboarder and scared speechless by many people riding bicycles on the sidewalk. I am disgusted by the stench of people who have consumed too much liquor at all hours. There are so many people who verbally harass me by asking me for money. Some have even followed me.

I can’t take the chance of being physically injured by the rude behavior of many of the people who seem to be just hanging out in our city. Being retired, I need a safe place to enjoy life, get fresh air and exercise. There seems to be no such area now. Have you ever noticed that Third Street looks like a big ashtray with so many cigarette butts littering it?

Anita Benson




Regarding "Stay Classy"...
I just drove around town with a new eye after reading your letter. It truly IS a cluttered mess out there!