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Sheriff's office increases holiday patrols

The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office will increase patrols this Fourth of July weekend in an effort to minimize and reduce the negative impact of impaired driving.

Extra patrols will be on the road between Saturday through Tuesday. They will be paid for through a High Visibility Enforcement Grant provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

If you plan to host a party or attend a party where alcohol and/or marijuana is being served you can take some precautions to stay safe.

* Include food and non-alcoholic beverages. Monitor your guest's consumption and take the keys from a guest who is impaired.

* Use public transportation or a taxi.

* Ask a friend who is not impaired for a ride home.

* Promote the use of designated drivers and stop impaired family and/or friends from driving.

* Wear your seatbelt.

* If you see a suspected impaired driver, call 911. Some signs to look for include Swerving and/or weaving in and out of a lane, stopping abruptly at traffic signs or signals, making unusually wide turns, driving over curbs and driving with headlights off at night.


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