Letters to the Editor: April 14, 2017

Depend on yourself

We are constantly reminded to be prepared and to learn to take care of ourselves and family.

This last windstorm put many without electricity, and some were not able to take care of themselves for a day or two. So what if the big one hits, and we find we have to fend for ourselves for a long, extended period of time?

Many do not prepare for the future — only thinking about today. Why do you think so many use the food banks on a regular basis? Yes, sometimes there is a true need (often for the short term). But other times, people don’t prepare for tomorrow or next month.

I was shocked to learn that families in Oregon’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Food Stamps (no matter the amount) could receive a food box. I don’t see why we can’t limit the food boxes for those in SNAP to those who receive X amount of assistance or less.

Why would a family of four who receive $400 or more worth of assistance need a food box? Remember that school-age low-income children receive free lunch and breakfast five days a week. Small children can receive WIC. So why would the family receiving the $400 worth of assistance need food boxes?

Often, it is poor planning and buying unhealthy foods. All that time and money collecting so much food could be put to other, more needed, use, such as housing. As always, plan ahead and depend on yourself. As we learned with the Hurricane Katrina crisis, often the government won’t be able to help.

Carolyn Sauers



Help immigrants

One of the results of Trump’s immigration crackdown is that farmers and nursery businesses are short of workers.

I was surprised, naively, to find that droves of undocumented workers can no longer find jobs because of the hesitancy of potential employers. So here we have a shortage of workers and lots of unemployed people. And, yet, they cannot be “matched” together.

Yesterday we had a couple stop by our farm. They were looking to find jobs for unemployed workers. We have no employees so we could not help them.
My husband encountered a group of Hispanic people today walking on our island. They were lost and trying to get to Woodburn. Woodburn is a ferry ride and many miles from Grand Island.

I posted on our local emergency Grand Island message list that we call Grand Island 911. I drove out to find them as they were walking off of the island. I offered them money, but they declined. They just needed transportation. One of our local farmers sent his van out and he supplied them with a ride home. I got hugs and smiles from the happy travelers.

I am grateful that we have such a wonderful, compassionate community on our island. However, I am concerned about the thousands of people living in fear of deportation, are unable to find work and who are forced into the shadows. If that doesn’t make you mad, then you have no heart. This reminds me of the stories I have read about the Dust Bowl days.

Little acts matter. We don’t have to be heroes.

Kris Bledsoe



Veterans get short shrift?

In reading the April 6 article discussing the budget for Yamhill County Health and Human Services, I question the following: “Health and Human Services Director Silas Halloran-Steiner is seeking $88,724 from the general fund to cover operation of the veterans’ services program.”

The next paragraph explained the monies would filter from the veterans’ program to HHS to fight communicable diseases of the entire community. This community needs that $88,724 to stay with veterans for a veteran-specific counselor and/or practitioner for veterans who have a very difficult time getting to Salem, Hillsboro, West Linn and Portland VAMC. There are plenty of them.

To ask for money under the guise of being for veterans and then filtering it away from veterans is yet another slap to that population in need in Yamhill County. If it is, in fact, going to the veterans, and the article is misleading, then what specifically will this money do for the veterans of Yamhill County?

Lisa Bear



Bypass to nowhere

First, the Oregon Department of Transportation gave us the Overpass to Nowhere at Fort Hill.

Now, we have the Bypass to Nowhere at Dundee. Traffic coming into Dundee still will go to one lane going through the dip. So that backup will continue. Then it will dump all the traffic at Highway 219 and have it wind its way through Newberg to get back on Highway 99W.

Guess what a nightmare this will be on weekends? Great planning, ODOT.

Don Bowie



Still no answers

Dear state Rep. Mike Nearman,

It seems you are back to ignoring my queries. You told me why you want to control my uterus. I’m still waiting for an explanation of why you think it would be appropriate for you to do so.

You have not even answered my simple yes or no questions. Do you support comprehensive sex education in school? Do you support no-cost, easily accessible birth control? Here is another simple question: Do you believe health care is a right (available to all) or a privilege (available only to those who can afford to pay for it)?

Alisa Owen



Passionate about schools

I am writing this letter in support of Carson Benner as a candidate for McMinnville School District Board Position No. 3.

I know Carson professionally through his business, Cellar Ridge Construction. I also know him through his years of volunteering for District 40 from the budget committee to the long-range planning committee. With his construction background, he helped develop McMinnville Habitat’s Aspire Subdivision through his service on that board for six years. Carson’s volunteer work with District 40, beginning in 2005, made him a great choice for appointment to the board, replacing longtime board member Stan Primozich.

Carson in his own words, is “passionate about public education.” With his children attending McMinnville schools, he knows firsthand the issues related to family education needs as well as the efforts of the District 40 teachers and staff. As a long-serving McMinnville mayor, I worked with hundreds of volunteers. Carson is one of those volunteers that I have worked with that will make a difference in our community for our children and their educational needs.

Ed Gormley



An easy choice

Carson Benner for school board is an easy choice. Carson is energetic, smart and deeply committed to the children, parents and schools in McMinnville.
In addition to his many years of school district volunteerism and passionate support for school funding, Carson has a long history of community involvement. He is a team player and a good listener. “Every Student Matters” is not an empty campaign slogan but rather Carson’s sincere promise that, if elected, he will continue to work diligently for each and every student in our school system.

Kelley Kennedy



Nicole Montesano

Lisa Bear, my apologies if I did a poor job of explaining the $88,724 requested by the county Health and Human Services. According to Director Silas Halloran-Steiner, that's the amount it costs to provide the county's current veterans' services. He told the commissioners that when his department was asked to take over veterans' services in 2012, it covered the cost from its existing budget, so essentially, money that previously was going to other programs has been going to veterans instead for the past several years. Now he's asking the county to cover the cost from the General Fund, so that the funding can be restored to other areas.
The county will hold a public hearing on its proposed budget at 7 p.m. May 1, in room 32 of the county courthouse. That's the opportunity for the public to testify, so you can tell the budget committee directly that you'd like to see them allocate more funding for veterans' services, if you wish.


they are not immigrants!they are illegal aliens and should get a ride back to the border,there is no shortage of workers!check your fast food joints filled with illegal workers,taking jobs that rightfully belong to highschoolers,check your roofing ,construction,landscaping companies all illegals,hired by corrupt greedy owners paying below average wages for their own greed,all american jobs!stolen by greed and thieves,illegals now bring in more than middle income families,free welfare,foodstamps,breakfast,lunch,internet,cable,rent reduction,wic,both parents work,with the wife using her own name and not her husbands,free medical,dental,education,and owning and driving more than 1 newer vehicle,why? because DHS is democratic in Oregon and does not check!and who pays for it? US taxpayers!


Nice Rant....nothing but rhetoric and generalization...(you forgot to mention they are all rapists and drug dealers)......not that it would change your mind, but the facts don't support your biased conclusions .....

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