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Drug team apprehends meth dealer/user

Nathaniel Sedivec
Nathaniel Sedivec

NEWBERG - An admitted 16-year methamphetamine user, who said he sells drugs to support his own habit, according to court records, was arrested last week in the course of the Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team serving a search warrant on a Newberg residence.

Nathaniel Gene Sedivec, 38, was arraigned Thursday before Circuit Court Judge Ladd Wiles on one count each of delivery of a controlled substance/meth, delivery of meth within 1,000 feet of a school and possession of meth, a combination of Class A, B and C felonies.

He was originally booked into the jail on $507,500 bail, but was granted a conditional release at arraignment. His next court appearance is at 2:30 p.m. Friday, May 5 for arraignment on a grand jury indictment.

"I’m not familiar enough with him to know his ties to the area - work history, family and other factors," sheriff's Sgt. Chris Ray said. "Those are all part of the criteria used for recommendation for release, along with criminal history.  The release officer and judge must have felt comfortable enough."

The residence at 500 S. River Street No. 6 is within 1,000 feet of Edwards Elementary School, located at 715 E. Eighth St.

"When our drug team is developing cases that are determined to be taking place near schools, they become a focus for detectives," Sheriff Tim Svenson said.

"No child should be exposed to the criminal element that accompanies these types of houses. I'm proud of our team and the outcome of this case."

The weight of the recovered meth - 18.4 grams - is a substantial quantity and considered a commercial drug offense, sheriff's deputy Justin Brester wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

Ray, who formerly coordinated the drug team, equated one gram of meth to the contents of a packet of  Sweet 'N  Low. He said "one dose" of the drug is generally thought to be about .02 grams.

In that case, one gram would contain about five doses. The amount associated with Sedivec's arrest would pencil out to about 90 doses.

Brester gave this account of the arrest:

About 6:30 p.m. last Wednesday, the search was served. Sedivec and three females, none of who were charged, were in the residence.

He was located in a bedroom, and a small two drawer dresser/night stand was located on Sedivec's side of the bed. It contained a meth pipe, packaging material, scales and three baggies containing a substance that was believed to be meth.

It tested positive for meth by Sgt. Rich Geist, and the baggies held 18.4 grams. Sedivec said there whould be about 31 grams around and in the nightstand.

He said he has been selling meth for about six months and had five customers to who he regularly sells.




execute this piece of crap,he's using up space.

Bill B

"originally booked into the jail on $507,500 bail, but was granted a conditional release at arraignment." Why no bail with such a serious offense? Of course, he probably has learned his lesson and will never do or sell drugs again! :-)


Remember, this is Yamhill County. Let's all wait until May 5--he promised to be present at his arraignment. Isn't his word of "honor" enough? Shame on those who make him feel bad about himself!
I wonder how the officers feel who arrested him only to watch him swagger out the courthouse doors. Who's the chump here?

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