Letters to the Editor: Jan. 13, 2017

Councilor off base

I realize that I lost the election to Kevin Jeffries in 2014, but that has been behind me for a long time. I am writing about how Jeffries has done some good things and some terrible things.

When Air Force Gen. Martha Meeker was found to be too authoritarian as city manager, she was given many controversial tasks with no backing.

Meeker resigned after being placed on a plan of improvement, including a period of close council oversight. Kevin Jeffries, who co-wrote the synopsis of Meeker’s performance evaluation and the ensuing plan of improvement, had the nerve to apply for the position after she left.

He brushed off objections raised most prominently by council colleague Remy Drabkin about the appearance of impropriety. However, he did not make the initial cut.

In my opinion, Jeffries has not even taken any concern in the area he was elected to represent.

James Galbreath



Don’t ban the bags

In regard to McMinnville’s proposal to ban plastic bags, please don’t.

Plastic bags hold up in our soggy climate. They are easier to carry. They are reusable for sharing produce, for lining waste baskets, for cushioning packages, for transporting wet bathing suits and for taking out the garbage.

I keep a bag tucked in my coat pocket for picking up trash when I walk. Please don’t deprive us of this convenient perk of shopping in McMinnville!

Nancy Thornton



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