Letters to the Editor: Dec. 23, 2016

Shelter needed

This letter is a speculation on possible alternatives to the system-wide shutdown of homeless shelters during the recent cold spell. For those who can’t turn up the thermostat or turn on an electric blanket, being cold is not an inconvenience, it is life-threatening.

Local residents made an admirable start last fall when they discussed public restrooms, storage, sleeping accommodations, etc. for the homeless. The present threat of cold weather makes those issues pale in comparison. Rules, convenience and lack of foresight seem to be the primary reasons for the lack of shelter. Life and human misery surely trump closing hours, staffing problems or designated-use policies.

Surely an emergency declaration could make public buildings available under the same rule that will apply when a disaster affects the entire population. When staff aren’t available to open the usual shelters, it seems like an alternate with keys could be found. There is more cold weather coming and a chance to put these thoughts to use.

Darrell King



Liberals at it again

Really? Has-been celebrities calling for electoral college electors to change their votes? Democratic pundits calling for an uprising? Not to mention the “peaceful” liberal protest crowds of Portland claiming, “not my president.”

That’s no different from secessionists firing on Fort Sumter in 1861. Just like then, the Democratic party secessionists of today are protesting the duly elected president of the United States. Go ahead, Democrats. You did it once before. Why not try again? Go for it, Democrats. Go ahead and cause another Civil War. Just like the last one, this one will set a record for the greatest bloodshed and highest number of American causalities of all time. All because of what?

ecause you can’t accept change and morality? Any person calling for the overturning of the longest peaceful transfer of power in history should be tried for treason and given the appropriate punishment upon conviction. America is great — the greatest country in the world, the greatest country that’s ever been.
Hey, my liberal friends, if I can make it through eight years of oppression, loss of civil rights, over-regulation and theft of income (aka excessive taxation), the least you can do is give President Trump a chance to show what he can do. Hey, by the way, my 401(k) has increased by 23 percent since the election — much more than from 2009 to 2016.

Dale Lux



Trump defies rationality

Why would any rational person vote against his or her own best interest as most Trump supporters did?

Perhaps it’s because of being low-information voters for whom Faux News, Breitbart and other right-wing propaganda outlets are their only sources of news. Many of my best friends are very intelligent but still based their vote on outright lies that Trump and many of his supporters spewed on a daily basis.

His hateful rhetoric was on all the airwaves constantly. By definition, half the population has an intelligence quotient of less than 100. However, there are a lot of people with low IQs who didn’t vote for Trump and many with high IQs who did.

If people don’t believe in established scientific facts (such as climate change or evolution), they are more likely to vote Republican — regardless of the candidate. They are also more likely to believe in the virgin birth, Moses’ trip to the mountain, Adam and Eve, Noah, Jonah and other things for which there is no scientific evidence.

So this might have been a faith-based vote for Trump. There is no performance-based criteria for voting for him. We all will come to regret the outcome. I could be wrong, as most of us are from time to time. However, check how things are going in a couple of years and let me know how your retirement funds, Social Security and Medicare are doing.

Save your critique of my premises until then. If God could take time off from watching over football games, perhaps she/he could look over us until the next election. Peace to all.

Ed Fuller




Ed Fuller asked, "Why would any rational person vote against his or her own best interest as most Trump supporters did?"

Ed there was one primary reason, the alternative of Hillary Clinton was a considerably worse choice. People were tired of the ideology of the Socialist/liberal/progressive/Democratic Party of the last eight years. The displeasure has catapulted the Republican Party into the strongest position since the 1920s. This didn't happen by accident.

Don Dix

Belonging to neither political party allows one to compare the reactions of each (party) after the win/loss of elections and positions.

The victory of Trump, surprising as it was, paled in comparison to the aftermath. The 'hateful rhetoric' about which Mr. Fuller speaks is all over the news daily.

However, the astonishment (for me) isn't what Pres. Trump has said (or done). It's the total meltdown and crybaby antics of the left leaners on various stages. From so-called celebrities threatening to leave the country, to a soccer mom screaming to an Electoral College meeting on film 'It's my country' (while being restrained), to setting fires and vandalizing innocent businesses along a protest march -- has been astonishing!

The Ds 'fixed' the primary so the 'chosen one' (Hillary) could take her rightful place in the White House. It was of little consequence (to Ds) that Hillary had more baggage (negative) than an airport on Thanksgiving weekend, that she never accomplished anything positive or constructive during 30+ years of public service. Adding to that, the Clintons worth went from broke to an estimated $60M in a short 16 years. None of that seemed to matter to the 'obedient, blind followers'!

In 2008 (and again in 2012) when Obama won, there were no such reactions by the right. Of course, the Rs were disappointed and vowed to fight back, but no looting, burning, or claiming sole rights to national decisions.

All in all, my suggestion to the Ds is get over your feelings of entitlement -- act like you have been there -- and try to reacquaint yourselves with a little thing called 'class'!

Merry Christmas -- to all!


Ed Fuller: I find it amusing when you "tolerant" and "open minded" and "love trumps hate" group state how idiotic Trump voters are. Guess what Ed, we won, you lost, stop with the crying and attacking, it gets old. And ANYONE who would vote for Hilary Clinton, the most corrupt and self serving candidate that has ever ran, is truly delusional and base THEIR opinions on the main stream media that is basically arm of the Left. ANY rational person knows that the alphabet stations, are basically run by the left.


Dale Lux, you are 100% correct.


Ed Fuller: How do you think God would feel about Clinton thinking that partial birth abortions are ok?

F. Bank

Ed Fuller: Wow, I see, so Fox is right wing? Really? You think Megyn Kelly is pro Trump? How about Shep Smith? How about Greata Van Sustran? You are delusional if you think they are Republicans. Your ignorance is almost as obvious as your bigotry. The left are crybabies and entitled whiners, that is why the LEFT PROPAGANDA College Campuses need safe space for adults to play with play-dough and cuddle with therapy dogs. How embarrassing for you and your weak party. Anyone who would vote for Mrs. Clinton, is truly ignorant. Guess what Ed, Trump won, deal with it like a grown up.


So Ed should deal with Trump's election like a grown up?....you mean like the Republican's treated Obama for the last two 8 years.......


Trump and republicans will get exactly what they gave over the last eight years. Lets hope he's a one-term president in honor of Mitch McConnell.


Or, maybe in honor of Rush Limbaugh we should all hope Trump fails. This transcript might refresh your memory....

titled: Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails - January 16, 2009



mud - Rush said that pertaining to his "policies" and of course the left took it differently. Sounds like a few of you should be forming a support group because it's going to be a long four to eight years for you. Trump hasn't even been inaugurated yet and look at the condition you're in.


Finch---speaking only for myself, my condition is fine, but It is amusing that many Trump supporters think that everyone should just jump onboard with his administration because "we won, you lost"....Sorry, but Mr. Trump (so far) doesn't represent my views of how the country should be represented....I think expecting democrat's to forget the republican obstruction of the last 8 years may take a while.
You may recall that the incoming President was a vocal leader of the birther movement which was meant only to undermine the sitting President's legitimacy.....pretty sure that was way beyond a policy difference, and Rush was certainly a promoter of that view....


As they say, democracy can be messy and hard. I can't get on board with a president elect that won the electoral college by one of the lowest margins and lost the popular vote by one of the largest margins. Russian hacking adds to the doubt cast on the legitimacy of the election results. Trump a man who thinks it just fine to grab women by their genitals (just think about that for a second)....a man who so far has brought forward a cabinet that only a billionaire could love. He has a fast food guy as head of labor....an anti-gay attorney general, World Wrestling Entertainment as small business admin...a climate change denier as head of the EPA...a public education skeptic as head of education...Exxon Mobile as Sec. of State...the "King of Bankruptcy as Commerce Sec.... I guess they all fit really well with a reality TV star and Twitter addict. All of this to be topped off by a televangelist "prosperity gospel" preacher to pray over the coming inauguration. Sorry, but I probably won't ever get on board with a man so unfit for the office.


There were two flawed choices - had to pick one. I look forward to seeing how jobs and the economy will do under him. Obama didn't represent any of my ideas on how this country should be run and he had horrible choices all around him beginning with Jarrett who pulled many of his strings. We each have our own opinions but I'm hoping we can move forward with both sides. I'm sick of the rioting, shootings and hate movements that have become the norm all over this country.
There's a reason for the electoral college and in every election one side will be unhappy with the results. Do you want just California and New York deciding our president each election cycle? I've seen many complaints about the popular and electoral votes. Of course there was no voter fraud the past two elections with people being paid and bussed in to various cities to vote in many cases multiple times. We will always have a side unhappy with the results. Like they said with Obama - give him a chance. There's another election in four years.


Well,we agree that there was no good choice ....I think domestically, Mr Trump will be fine....unfortunately, I think he will be lost from a foreign policy standpoint.
I'd like to know who said give Obama a chance....? when a Republican meeting was held on Inauguration Day to make him a one term president...


Ed, you it doesn't take a smart person to take from your letter that you are an unhappy person. If you really do like the last 8 years then a trip to a sunny climate might help. Maybe you can get over the fair and balanced news over the liberal slanted mainstream news that kept you confident in their polls that HRC would win. Well, look at how those polls turned out compared to Fox and you will see the difference. The lamestream media relies on low information voters. Surprise and surprise again. You weren't tuned into what was really going on.


So gopher....your saying the economy isn't really better than it was 8 years ago?......all the economic information is false?

By the way, the fox polls predicted a Romney victory four years ago.. or don't you remember that?


Can I remind everyone that the election is over. We should hope that President Trump does well and the next four/eight years are good years. I don't like Donald Trump but I'm not going to continually try to throw roadblocks just so I might be able to say "told ya' so". The Democrats will be doing that just as they complained about the Republicans eight years ago.


Democrats (and likely some Republicans) should throw some roadblocks at some of Mr Trump's policy ideas.....the election may be over, but that doesn't give the incoming administration a free pass to enact flawed policy or enrich themselves at the expense of the low and middle class.


Republicans (and likely some Democrats) should throw some roadblocks at some of Mr. Obama's policy ideas.....the election may be over, but that doesn't give the incoming administration a free pass to enact flawed policy or enrich themselves at the expense of the low and middle class.

Nothing changes ... it is just a different perspective. Hillary Clinton campaigned on President Obama's legacy and Barack Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton on his legacy. They were rejected along with the liberal/progressive/Democratic platform in so many elections across the United States.

I do agree that their might be (and should be) some detours for Donald Trump during the next few years. He has already detoured on many of his campaigning suggestions. That is a good quality for him that he is willing to listen to different points of view.


Hard to agree that the Democratic platform was "rejected" when the majority of voters ( by 2.8 million at last count) voted for Clinton, and another percent or two voted for 3rd party candidates.....Winning only the electoral college is legal, but it certainly doesn't indicate a mandate. Obama won the popular vote....and was greeted with Republican obstruction at every turn... Now, Republicans want full cooperation because their candidate won... a bit hypocritical don't you think?


1) 33 Republican governors... 16 Democratic governors

2) Outright control of state legislatures - 25 Republican ... 6 Democrat

3) U.S Senate - 52 Republicans ... 46 Democrats

4) U.S. House of Representatives - 247 Republican ... 187 Democrat

5) Republican control of the Executive Branch of the federal government

6) Republican control of nominations to the Supreme Court.

This is the strongest Republican dominance since the 1920s. Yes, Hilary won the majority of the popular votes, but it means zero.


You said, "Now, Republicans want full cooperation because their candidate won... a bit hypocritical don't you think?"

They don't need "full cooperation" nor expect it. Certainly not hypocritical.


"Yes, Hilary won the majority of the popular votes, but it means zero."

It means that more Americans disagreed with Trump and the republican platform than agreed with it. There is no mandate for the radical agenda that republicans have in store for us. There is also no mandate for cooperation from the left. In fact, republican obstructionism and blatant disregard for precedent and the Constitution has set a new standard for how the country will be governed from here on out.


Mudstump what you and tagup refuse to accept is that the elections of the past eight years are much more significant than just the election for President. Answer this question, "Do you think all of the election results across the United were by accident?" Read my post above (33 Republican governors etc.) rather than just glossing over the fact that there has been a rejection of liberal/progressive/Socialist/Democratic positions during the Obama Administration. Republican dominance is stronger than almost any time in the last century. Again, this did not happen by accident.


"Do you think all of the election results across the United were by accident?"

No, they weren't an accident. Kris Kobach, also know as, "The King of Voter Suppression" and leader of Secure States Initiative (SSI) has thrown thousands, if not more, off the voter registration rolls under the guise of their fake "voter fraud" initiative. Republicans know they can't win with their pro-employer message so they have to rig the system and promote propaganda that says they need to keep "frauds" from voting. We know its a lie because the number of actual voter fraud cases is minuscule. Prior to the election, Kobach and his SSI were very active in states across the country.


Thank you, I haven't heard that excuse before. I can add that to Hillary's mistakes, the Russians, James Comey, the media and all of the other excuses for liberal/progressive/ Socialist/ Democratic Party reasons for blowing most of the elections in the last eight years.


I would say that voter suppression is an excuse to keep people from voting for democrats. Kris Kobach's and his organization's actions are not an excuse...just fact.

Don Dix

I would submit that the Trump victory was more than just Rs and Ds. It was a vote against the establishment, or 'politics as usual'. People grew tired of the same faces spouting the same BS during every campaign. Neither side of the isle has any conscience, people knew it, and Trump took advantage.

As for predictions -- It would be hard to say one knows what will occur, so wait and see. Remember, the 'political media' had the election all figured out last Sept. They still don't know what happened, except the 'experts' were terribly wrong.


Don - I agree with you. This was an anti-establishment election. We had two terrible choices. Only time will tell the outcome. I just hope for once the American worker gets some of the perks instead of the crumbs.


There was an interesting little tidbit tonight on the news. House republicans voted tonight, behind closed doors to gut (destroy) the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). They voted 119 to 74. Republican just killed the only independent ethics oversight of the Congress. I guess they don't want to answer to the American people for anything. Its beginning to feel more like a coup than an election.

Hold on to your hats folks....draining the swamp has been cancelled...it was all a big lie.


Mudstump, you must be new to this issue. The "gutting" as you say has been pushed as much by Democrats as Republicans. "Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have led the charge, airing complaints about the aggressive, independent panel in a private session with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month, and they’ve drafted a resolution that, if approved, would severely curtail the panel’s power.


From what I understand, back in 2009 members of the Black Caucus complained because there were seven African Americans under investigation and zero white members. Regardless, of the background, it was republicans who held a secretive meeting and voted to strip the OCE of its powers. We need an independent investigative group to police our officials. It may have been a political move, but I am glad to see Mr. Trump come out against the gutting of the OCE. Sounds like the republicans have given in so far today.


So your statement, "I guess they (Republicans) don't want to answer to the American people for anything" was a premature over-reaction?


Since the rules change was put forth by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) in a republican controlled House and supported publicly by Steve King (R-IA), Mike Simpson (R-ID) and others....no, I don't feel my judgement was premature. Were the democrats twisting republican arms to force them to bring this secret vote yesterday? The fact that some democrats may feel the need to gut the watchdog group doesn't erase the fact that it was a republican proposal backed by a majority of republicans in secret. We need independent oversight of all elected leaders now more than ever.


The OCE debate is smoke and mirrors. It is Public Relations at its finest.
They have no power of subpoena, very limited ability to investigate, are not subject to public records laws, and even if they think there might be fire where there is smoke, the only real option they have is to refer investigations to the House Ethics Committee for further review. It's a tax payer funded "feel good" group. Why not save the money and have the House Ethics Committee with full investigatory powers investigate from the get go? Better yet make them a part of the DOJ, completely separate from the Legislative Branch with full prosecutorial and punitive powers?


I realize this is a tangent, but what is the "big deal" about the Russian part in trying to influence the elections. The United States has been doing this for decades. It is not good for any country to do this but the U.S. certainly isn't innocent and we shouldn't be alarmed that Russia might do this.

"Referencing research from Carnegie Mellon University that found that the United States had been involved in 81 different foreign elections since World War II, Tillis emphasized that Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was not unique on the world stage".

“In fact, when Russia apparently was trying to influence our election, we had the Israelis accusing us of trying to influence their election,” he said, referencing accusations by some that the State Department funded an Israeli-Palestinian peace advocacy group that was politically antagonistic to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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