Letters to the Editor: Nov. 18, 2016

Fight hatred

The post-election hate speech, bullying and physical violence toward people whose race, religion, heritage, sexual preference or mobility differs from our own is both frightening and unAmerican.

We live in bubbles where we surround ourselves with people who are much like ourselves, with whom we often share geography, education and religious beliefs as well as race and ethnicity. The rhetoric of President-elect Trump — which many deem racist, bigoted, sexist and misogynist — has emboldened this speech and violence.

Kids are going to school in tears, fearing that their families will be deported, that they will be beaten up because they look different from most of their classmates, or that they will no longer be able to openly worship in the church of their choice. All manner of people are being attacked, verbally assaulted or bullied.

We need to come out of our bubbles and seek out people who are different from us and then sit down and talk openly, seeking common ground. We likely share common values, like the importance of family, hard work and humility with people we see as strangers. We need to let that commonality be the bandage that helps us heal and reconcile our differences so that we can live in a peaceful and fulfilling place where fear and hatred do not permeate our daily lives.

Arnie Hollander



Dem sour grapes

When the Democrats win an election, the message is, “We won! You lost!” Translated roughly, that means, “shut up and get out of our way!”

When the Republicans win, the message is, “we must cooperate and unite the country.” That means to continue the headlong race to bankruptcy that we have been on for eight years. Perhaps we should try a few new ideas.

Elmer M. Werth

Grand Ronde


Hail to the fascist chief

I woke up Wednesday living in a fascist country. How could this have happened? Two interpretations come to mind.

One is to believe that Donald Trump was telling the truth when he said, over and over, that the election was rigged. We thought it was just another tiresome blustering complaint from the all-time tiresome blustering complainer. No. He meant it was rigged for himself.

Technology being what it is, a 14-year-old could do it. And don’t forget the Russians. He said he was pals with Putin, or never met him, whatever. How he must have enjoyed the joke.

The other is to finally see the majority of voters for what they are: ignorant, angry, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, deliriously religious, beligerently undereducated cattle, easily stampeded into shooting us all in the foot. They are incited by polititians who vilify easy targets in the shell game of misdirection and distraction, placing blame for our problems where it does not belong, hinting at absurd, horrific solutions.

This is exactly what happened in Germany in 1932 -- taken right out of Hitler’s playbook. Let’s not kid ourselves that it can’t happen here. It just did.

Marilyn Higginson



Medical billing weird

Recently I called Phyisicans’ Medical Center in McMinnville to see if I can get my mom a doctor’s appointment.

She is in her late 70s and hasn’t been to the doctor for many years. Her personal physician retired a few years ago. I tried to get her into my doctor and was told that he isn’t accepting new patients. I then asked if any of the other doctors was accepting new patients, and the receptionist said, “It depends what kind of insurance she has.”

I told her that Mom has Medicare or Medicaid. I wasn’t sure but could find out. She said that the clinic doesn’t take anyone with that type of insurance. I told her that I was going to pay cash for everything, so that was no problem. She said the clinic couldn’t take cash for medical services. It had to bill insurance. If you don’t take her insurance and you don’t take cash, then where can she go for her medical needs? She said that I could try Urgent Care or get the Medicare card out and call the number on the back to see if anyone is accepting patients with this insurance.

I guess I should be thankful that she has been healthy until now because I never dreamed it would be this difficult to find a doctor for her.

The medical industry doesn’t do anything easily, but it seems far-fetched to believe it won’t allow a patient to pay cash instead of charging the government for the visit. Unbelievable! Awakening!

Stevie Whited



Hail to the new chief

Donald J. Trump will be a great president. We know that from his brilliant campaign, and he is already delivering as president-elect.

Canadian and Mexican officials have agreed to sit down and discuss NAFTA. The TPP is reortedly dead. Trump made a good start over the phone with Putin repairing our horrible relations with Russia. Look for a slightly right-of-center, nonactivist Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia.
Happy days are here again!

Geographically, our election was a sea of Republican red with small islands of Democrat blue.

That said, we could have lost our Republic last Tuesday.

Perhaps the greatest single act of election fraud was Nov. 3. Democratic President Obama assured tens of millions of illegal aliens that they could vote without risk of arrest, stating, “”First of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera.”

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager, restored voting rights to 13,000 felons in August. He attempted to restore voting rights to 200,000 felons in April, but that decision was invalidated by the Virginia Supreme Court because each case must be individually reviewed. McAuliffe vowed to use an autopen to enable the felons to vote. Virginia went Democrat.

The most obvious election fraud was a mainstream media dead set on getting Clinton elected. Fifty years ago, many in the mainstream media would have been frog-marched out to the street and fired, if not arrested by the FBI.

Dan Katz



We’ve lost our way

The president-elect personifies racism, sexism and narcissism. He is the legitimate winner. The election was not rigged.
Today, teachers may begin educating citizens of tomorrow to become critical thinkers so they will someday vote responsibly and not cast votes based on prejudice, fear and hatred.

This is so sad. The moral compass is spinning.

Robert McNamee



Pet policy explained

Visitors to Willamette Valley Medical Center often have questions about hospital policies involving pets, lost-and-found items, and magazine donations.

Animal visitors are limited to cats or dogs. The areas they are allowed to visit are also limited. It is wise to call before bringing an animal to the hospital to be certain it will be allowed.

Lost-and-found items frequently included glasses, electronic devices, walkers, canes, clothing, medication, jewelry and other items. Property left at the hospital is disposed of after 30 days.

Magazines in good condition and no more than three months old are welcome. They can be left at the front desk, where a staff member will distribute them.
For more information, call 503-472-6131 or stop by the front desk. Requests for more detailed information on these or other policies should be directed to Hayley Rogers, the hospital’s public relations manager.

Darrell King




Dan Katz....you do realize that Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 400,000 votes....that's a pretty big "island" in your sea of republican red......


Elmer M. Werth - You may want to check the facts. Under Obama the deficit has shrunk by 1 trillion dollars. Its republicans that explode the deficit. The most recent example can be found in looking at the George W Bush administration. You may have noticed that the republicans are no longer talking about the deficit....gee, I wonder why?


At first I thought Mr. Katz' contribution to be an attempt at satire, but then I realized he is serious, and his letter offers a fascinating glimpse into the parallel universe of a Trumpian. It seems utterly bizarre to keep up such a sunny view of the President-elect.

Obviously, Trump didn't expect to win, may not really have wanted to, and had no plans for that eventuality. The chaos and utter incompetence of the transition effort so far makes it clear that not only does Trump have no clue, but unlike previous presidents with limited experience he doesn't even have the ability to find competent assistants to compensate for his utter lack of qualifications. Instead, a circle of sycophants, family members, and a far-out manipulator like Steve Bannon are trying to select a crew from the group of mediocre has-beens that are even interested in the leading jobs. The absence of any real expertise is mind-boggling. And those people are going to run our country, at least for a bit.

The best the country can hope for is that Trump gets bored after a few months and quits (like Sarah Palin did, another one of these new-style "conservative" wonders), handing everything over to President Pence, who (it pains me to admit) appears to be one of the few mature adults in that kindergarden.


The negative comments here are unbelievable. The left claims the right is so hateful and racist and yet look at what's been written not only in the letters section but the comments. This election was not about democrats or republicans. It was about a country fed up with both sides. As I heard one commentator say - "America gave the middle finger to Washington".
Trump was certainly not my first choice but when it came down to it he got my vote. His transition is going just fine and is well ahead of previous administrations. His choices are far better than those of Obama -i.e., Jarrett, Emanuel, Clinton, Kerry . . .
After eight horrible years of Obama dividing this country I look forward to what the future holds particularly financially.
And what about these grown adults and college students crying and carrying on and needing therapy dogs, counseling and crayons? Unbelievable!
"Under Obama the deficit has shrunk by 1 trillion dollars". When he took office the deficit was 9 trillion and is now on its way to 20 trillion. And that's just in eight years!
This country needs a lot of healing and I am hopeful we will begin to see improvement.

Don Dix

In my opinion, the best case scenario of the election was to put an end to the Clinton's political standing. And if she had any concern for this country, she would have encouraged the rioting sore losers to stop -- but no. Once again it was all about Hillary and how terrible she felt about losing.

If she wants to stay 'connected', I would encourage Trump to name her ambassador to Libya, Bengazi Province!

Sally G

Thank you , Mr. Hollander. The Southern Poverty Law Center has established a reporting system of "hateful incidents of harassment" since the election. In the first full week, 701 incidents were reported, 40% of which were in school or university setting. The most frequent harassment was of an "anti-immigrant" nature. There were 30 reported from Oregon. I know of several incidents in Yamhill County that may or may not have been reported.

These numbers reflect only those who chose to report them. SPLC will provide a more extensive report soon.

I agree that this hateful speech and action toward "the other" is not part of the values that I hold as an American. I, too, hope that our commonalities will enable us to support and stand with each other in Yamhill County.


Mudstump, you do realize that the national debt has increased more under President Obama than all previous Presidents combined.


I will preface my comment that I hold Donald Trump equally to Hillary Clinton, very low.

Rumpelstilzchen said, "The chaos and utter incompetence of the transition effort so far makes it clear that not only does Trump have no clue".

So you are hoping that we will have a failed Presidency?

That is the opinion that is being promoted by the Democrats/liberal leaning people in our country. It is a myth.

Who in your opininion would be better than his choices?


As of Monday, Nov. 21 Hillary won the popular vote by 1,706,308. That's 48% compared to Trump's 46.7% according to the Cook Political Report. I hope the republicans keep this in mind as they move forward with their plans to dismantle Medicare and Social Security. They don't have anything near a mandate.


Mudstump, in the only vote (Electoral College) that counts, Trump 290 ... Clinton 232.

Republicans hold both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

There are 34 Republican governors and 16 Democratic governors.

There are 37 states with Republican Senates and 13 with Democratic senates.

There are 31 states with Republican Houses of Representatives and 18 states with Democratic Houses of Representatives.

Republicans have their strongest influence since the 1920s.

That is big deal. Can't get much more of a mandate than that.


kona - more people voted for Hillary. No mandate. You seem to have a lot of facts, yet you are totally ignorant of the fact that republicans have been working for years to end Medicare and Social Security. Something doesn't compute.


OK you are right, "Republicans have been working for years to end Medicare and Social Security". Feel better now? Go liberals/progressives/Democrats !!!


There are many of us who agree with Dan Katz. We are sick of the Clinton and Obama "reign" and want to have a voice again. We have silently suffered while they have been destroying our America. We did not protest. We did not march. We did not shout out "Not my President!" Shame on all you spoiled people who are having adult temper tantrums. Get over it! Donald Trump is going to be our new President and I am very happy about that.


"suffered in silence"??.... I recall the republican congressional delegation making plenty of noise, and shutting down the Gov't...I seem to recall a meeting on inauguration day (8 years ago)where the goal was a one term presidency...should we get over that as well?


Good letter Veedubmom with some good points.


Veedubmom - Yeah...the last eight years has been pure hell. Its just awful that millions of Americans including little children can see a doctor now when they get sick. It was terrible when I got my tax break from Obama. It was really bad news when veterans got better benefits and consumers were so disappointed when the Consumer Protection Bureau got money back from businesses who scammed them. I bet it nearly broke everyone's heart when Obama finished the job Bush didn't care enough to do when he killed bin Laden. Getting rid of Don't As Don't Tell was a huge mistake....who needs dedicated people fighting for our country anyway? The icing on the cake was when the value of my investments rose with the stock market. What really chapped my behind was when he didn't take my gun. You're right its been a disaster.


Mudstump – you have failed to include how boring it has been to put up with someone who INSISTS on conducting himself with the dignity befitting the office. Unbearable!

We’ve been spoiled alright. Eight years of sane representative governance has been an island of comfort in an otherwise chaotic world. But shame? Temper tantrums? Nope. We hear you, fellow Americans, we will try to wait patiently for the gloating and rejoicing to merge with reality. Truth is, all any of us really know for sure about this newly elected celebrity is that he claims to know everything, refuses to disclose anything, takes responsibility for nothing, and has had absolutely no hesitation to turn us against each other in his ruthless pursuit of victory. I may be naïve but I truly believe that once everyone has a chance to experience life in TrumpNation, American values will bring us back together to correct the course and heal the divide. May it be sooner than later. Putin is salivating, waiting to call in his chit. And he surely has the skill to play an overblown ego like a fiddle.


As of today Hillary got 2,015,251 more votes than Trump and there is talk of a recount in a few critical states.


Ever notice how the democrats fight voter I.D. laws when I.D.'s are required for nearly everything else. How about all the voters being paid to sign up and the multiple voters that are most often democrats? A lot of fraud out there with voting.
"Conducting himself with dignity"? This soon to be (thankfully) ex president has divided this country more than any other and put his high and mighty nose in the air into situations that oftentimes are not the concern of a president. He had a chance to do a lot of really great things for people and communities and didn't. I can't wait until he's gone.



It has been my impression that restrictions on voter registration have been more about keeping certain minority citizens off the roles than validating I.D. but, just like our impressions of current and future Presidents, I respect that we all have our own perspective on such things.

The majority of American voters rejected this leader but he has won. Those are irrefutable facts. All we can do now is wait and see what he will do for us, or to us. My salty old mom use to admonish that we should be careful what we wish for. I can only assume that you, and millions of my fellow Americans, wished for the change you considered best for the country. Given the unknown quantity of this man, I wonder about the carefulness of the wish, but I will hope you were right - either way, we are all in this together.


treefarmer - I appreciate your perspective and yes, hope things will improve for all of us.
Happy Thanksgiving to all


Marilyn Higginson "The other is to finally see the majority of voters for what they are: ignorant, angry, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, deliriously religious, beligerently undereducated cattle, easily stampeded into shooting us all in the foot."

I know plenty of people who voted for Trump, and don't fall into those categories. Who's the ignorant one now, judge Marilyn?

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