Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28, 2016

Jail suicide outrageous

I am outraged and very saddened by the suicide last week at the Yamhill County Jail.
How does this happen?

That poor woman was suffering from a mental illness and needed help, love and support — not to mention the fact that not that long ago an inmate was severely beaten and later died.

How does this happen?

Are there no cameras watching to see what goes on? I just don’t understand how this could happen. No matter what inmates have done, they are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and should be kept safe from harm.

I am living with the reality of a family member’s suicide. It’s been four years, and the pain is still unbearable. My heart goes out to this family. They should not have to live with this nightmare

Something is very wrong with this picture. I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

Debbie Smith



He works hard

My husband Bill and I are proud to support Ken Moore to represent Yamhill County in the Legislature.

I think it is to the credit of our community that we have two good candidates willing to run for the Legislature. However, it is the hard work Ken has done for years in our community that has shown us that he can represent us better than any other candidate.

He has put in endless hours talking with people, knocking on doors, being at events to learn more about what is going on in the area he will represent. He listens better than anyone I know. He is truly interested in what people have to say.

He now has a TV show on Channel 11 to help others better know what is going on in our community. If you have had a chance to talk to him, you know how smart he is, and I have never seen a candidate so totally committed to getting a chance to represent his people.

Carolyn McCloskey



A nasty stew

It takes a strong stomach to carefully watch the political melodrama surrounding the presidential campaigns between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump unfold. We hear way too much about the negatives that each campaign is throwing at the other, and not enough about positive agendas that each candidate should be judged on. What’s even worse is that many of the attacks are just plain not true.

It troubles me deeply that the same mindset seems to have been adopted by the Ken Moore campaign. Like many, I received a mailer from the Moore campaign that shows a disgusted-looking woman staring off the page at me. And then comes the melodrama and the lies. Misrepresentations of the facts is too soft a phrase.

The allegations by the Moore campaign have been investigated by several entities, who all exposed the attacks as false. How the incidents occurred, when they occurred and how there were handled were nothing like what the ads allege. They were, in fact, handled with great professionalism and sensitivity.

What happened to those young ladies was unpleasant. Taking uncomfortable situations that happened to young women and twisting them into misleading campaign material is totally inappropriate and dishonest.

This is Oregon. How politicians conduct their campaigns on a national level should not be a model for us. We’re better than that. Let’s not become an ingredient in the nasty stew that is percolating in Washington, D.C.

The dishonest and negative campaign that Ken Moore has been running should be enough to disqualify him. For that reason, I urge you to vote for Ron Noble.

Skip Huwaldt



He’ll fight for us

When the debates are over, everyone asks, “Who won?”

I have to say Clinton won all three, if you consider she was smoother and more polished — no doubt from many years of practice.

Trump, on the other hand, is definitely not polished. Still, I ask myself who is the better candidate to help my country?

Trump doesn’t need this job. Quite frankly, he can make more money in real estate. The pay for the job of the highest leader of the free world is not that great.
I use the analogy of what if I were in a foxhole facing an enemy. Which candidate would I want alongside me? The answer is clearly Donald Trump. I think he would fight to save us both. I have no doubt Hillary would sell me out to save her own hide.

I hope all of Yamhill County residents will consider all of the issues at stake in this election. It’s Capitalism versus Socialism.

Just as an aside, Clinton did not wear a USA pin at the last debate. Trump did.

Judy Hromyko



Best choice for mayor

I have known and worked with Scott Hill since he moved to McMinnville. He has shown great leadership skill in his volunteer work as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, his church, Scouting and, especially, local government.

I had the pleasure of working with Scott from the time he was appointed to the city budget committee and then elected to the city council. While I no longer serve in an elected capacity, I have continued to work with Scott on the urban renewal committee and the transportation bond committee. Through all these years, I have found him to be a man of great loyalty, integrity and principles. Above all, he has been a good friend. He is committed to public service as evidenced by all of his volunteer work throughout his life.

I am proud to ask the voters to elect Scott to the office of mayor of the city of McMinnville. He has the vision, commitment, steady hand and personality for leading our community.

Edward J. (Ed) Gormley



The far greater evil

Devon Cuttrell wrote in favor of Trump. His Oct. 21 opinion piece was breathtaking in its dishonesty.

He says Clinton voters hold their noses when voting. He’s right. Many are honest enough to acknowledge her shortcomings, unlike Trump supporters, who are willing to accept and excuse his abysmal behavior.

Cuttrell accuses the media of character assassination when they simply report Trump’s own words. He says he built an empire, leaving aside the fact that he cheated workers out of their pay and victimized customers at Trump University — all while paying no federal income taxes for more than two decades.
He faults the media for their outrage over “unwanted kisses,” conveniently leaving out Trump’s boasts of grabbing women’s genitals because he’s special and can get away with it.

Cuttrell says he’ll take Trump at his word to deliver on promises that have been widely dismissed as undeliverable — not to mention Trump’s non-stop lies. This piece ignored horrendous behavior that hasn’t improved over decades.

It ignored the lies that are on film and undeniable. It ignored Trump’s undisguised contempt for our democracy and electoral system. It is a sorry example of partisan willingness to completely ignore the low character of a dishonest man who considers himself above the rest of us.

Clinton supporters may hold their noses because they are honest enough to regret voting for her despite her many shortcomings. He ignores the fact that they’re voting for, by far, the lesser evil.

Fred Fawcett



Policies disqualify him

Let’s for a moment set aside Donald Trump’s predatory misogyny — but only for a moment. Focus on his policies.

They do not fit together into a coherent whole. His immigration and economic policies clash. He proposes to grow the Gross Domestic Product by three to four percent. The GDP is the measure of the monetary value of goods and services produced by American workers. Trump proposes to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, many of whom are gainfully employed and contributing to the nation’s GDP. If Trump carries out his immigration policy, he will reduce the GDP, not grow it.

What are we to conclude? Either Trump is conceptually confused, or he does not intend to carry out one or both of his proposals? Both of these — the lack of conceptual clarity and misleading the American electorate about his intentions — are disqualifiers to serve as president of the United States.

His predatory misogyny is also a disqualifier.

Robert E. Mason



Need political correctness

Some politicians and their supporters have been having fun disparaging “political correctness.” They usually cite one or two admittedly silly anecdotes and then self-righteously proclaim that justifies abandoning the entire concept.

They insist that the few real but isolated (or sometimes fictitious) excesses empowers the indignant partisans to thereafter say anything they want about anyone or anything else and assume there are no adverse consequences. While political incorrectness may seem fun or liberating, allowing you to go after the “uppity others” to advance your cause, it has long-lasting, difficult-to-erase consequences that not only harm the social fabric, but the nation itself.

Our current Congressional deadlocks, our brutish election campaigns, even our increasing online bullying are at least in part a direct result of such shortsightedness. What the uninhibited screechers fail to realize is that political correctness, or more accurately, common sense politeness, is the grease that allows the machinery of government to work and even everyday life. To mix metaphors, politeness is also what helps paper over the enormous differences that otherwise divide us and threaten to tear asunder our imperfect union.

When next you hear a politician or a rabid partisan rail against political correctness, when next you hear them indulge in character assassination, keep in mind they are either ignorant of history and how society works or are recklessly indifferent as to the harm they might cause or are deliberately, selfishly, probably maliciously, using it to insure the system does not work and conflict occurs.

Charles Hillestad



He’s above the fray

Jim Thompson, candidate for state representative in House District 23, is a breath of fresh air in the 2016 election.

He is bright, articulate, has experience and, most importantly, knows how to work well with others. He served for six years as a state representative. During this time, he worked very well with everyone.

He is not dogmatic. He listens. He investigates the issues and makes an educated decision. It is just that simple. He works for the greater good, always. He is running as an independent. There is no Democratic candidate.

The Republican candidate is so far right that he is looks like a mini-Trump. Vote moderate, vote for a candidate who is reasonable and above the fray.

Kris Bledsoe



Record speaks for itself

In light of the recent mailer sent out by the Oregon Democratic Party and supported by Ken Moore, I wanted to take time to share a different side of Ron Noble. Ron is a person who leads by example and is a true leader.

I am a teacher at a local elementary school. While studying occupations, he came into my classroom and spent time with my students. Several years later, I still have students talk to me about that visit. He made a huge impact on their lives.

At our church, he volunteered on Wednesday nights along with his family. They served in the fourth- grade class. I saw him take kids under his wing and mentor them. He helped them through difficult life situations. Now, those students are high school students, and they are excelling. He helped them gain the tools to succeed in life.

Ron’s record as a police chief speaks for itself. He is not only a man of integrity, but also one who has a compassionate heart. He is fair and approachable. If given the chance, he will serve District 24 in the same positive way he is dealing with the negative attacks on his character.

Michelle Morain



Bipartisan common sense

Jim Thompson was an able and capable state representative through several sessions of the Oregon Legislature.

He was effective because he could work with all legislators. He could sell his common-sense conservative ideas to Republicans and Democrats alike.

The Legislature needs hard-working, common-sense representatives of the people as its members.Jim Thompson brings that to the Legislature. He deserves your vote.

Dave Weston



Don Dix

Charles Hillestad mistakenly writes about political correctness as if it applies only to the politics of government and the people involved. Quite a narrow field of application at best.

I guess I'm 'either ignorant of history and how society works or am recklessly indifferent as to the harm they (words) might cause'. In 6 weeks or so, it appears Charles will be greeting folks with 'happy holidays', while I will continue rebel and say 'Merry Christmas'. So lock me up in the PC slammer!


Just make sure the PC slammer has no phone cord.


Well, we could march in the streets and shut down traffic like the protesters in Portland. It seems these people are getting out of hand and acting however they please. Seems to be more than civil disobedience.