Letters to the Editor: Oct. 21, 2016

Facts don’t add up

Recently, the Democratic Party put out a mailer that stated candidate Ron Noble’s carelessness put local students in danger.

It cited two incidents at Linfield College when Noble was director of College Public Safety and portrayed him as not being concerned about the safety of students.

The first one, on April 11, 2015, involved a college male entering four women’s rooms. Noble stated, “We are confident that this is an isolated incident that poses no ongoing threat to the Linfield community.” Apparently, there were no further incidents, so this was an isolated incident.

The anti-Noble ad also states: “Less than a year later, another female student was attacked in an attempted assault, and Noble again dismissed it as an ‘isolated incident.’”

According to the April 1, 2016, Linfield Review, Noble stated that the police department “believes this is an isolated incident.” It was the police department that believed it was an isolated incident, not Ron Noble as the ad states.

The Review went on to say, “Noble urges students to be aware of their surroundings when walking late at night and to ‘avoid wearing earbuds or headphones.’” This doesn’t sound like someone who is “dangerously careless with our community.”

At the bottom of the article, it states, “Check the Facts.” I did, and they don’t add up.

Charles Felton



No trash talk here

Thanks to the News-Register staff for putting context around the Democratic Party’s attack mailer against Ron Noble.

The feeble effort from Oregon Democrats seems as though it was borrowed from the Trump campaign. We don’t need such trash here in Yamhill County. I am proud to support Noble for state representative.

Ken Benkstein



Attacks are baseless

I have known Ron Noble for more than eight years and have known him to be a man of integrity. He has reached out to me in friendship.

We have raised our daughters together, coaching the others’ in soccer and basketball. As a chaplain of the McMinnville Police Department, I have witnessed first hand his compassion for others and his wisdom for dealing with difficult situations.

Year after year, some candidates and their allies engage in false, misleading and baseless attacks to keep people from supporting their opponents. In the race for District 24, the Democratic Party has engaged in a pattern of deliberately false, baseless and misleading attacks against Ron. These kinds of attacks erode public trust in government and make it harder for folks to conduct the people’s business after the election.

So for those who falsely accuse Ron of not caring for the safety and feelings of the young women of Linfield and our community, your accusation could not be further from the truth. It saddens me to read the false accusations being brought against someone I’ve known to be a man of integrity, compassion, wisdom and a loyal friend.

I call on his opponent to denounce these attacks and pledge to run a campaign based on issues that are important to voters. Our small community has no place for actions like these.

Gil Obregon



Man for our times

Ron Noble has integrity and really cares for the people of this state. It is a rare opportunity, in these challenging times, to elect someone with the wisdom and experience to lead our state. In this political season where honesty and integrity seem so scarce, let’s put a man in office that can truly serve our state and make a difference getting things done.

Joe Pearson



Character matters

I am voting for Ron Noble for state representative not because of the political party he represents, but because he’s a person with integrity and impeccable character.

Unfortunately, too many politicians today in both parties lack the ethical and moral foundation to hold office. I worked with Ron for many years in law enforcement, and he’s honest, ethical and very well respected by chiefs of police across Oregon.

People’s actions define their characters. I believe the actions of both candidates in this race should be closely examined. Recently, the Democratic Party (in support of Ken Moore) mailed out a negative flier on Ron that was so grossly false and misleading that Ken’s defense of the flier should not be dignified with a rebuttal.

You decide if character matters. If it does, look into the actions of Ron Noble and you will find a person who defines what we expect from our representatives, regardless of your political affiliation.

Brian Casey



Flier was disgusting

I am pretty disgusted with the political mail that my family received yesterday as an attempt to smear Ron Noble’s character.

I like both candidates. I think Ken Moore is a great guy and does great things in our community. Ron Noble is one of the few men I know who is a man of integrity and he loves people sacrificially.

He is a humble servant to so many. He speaks truth at all times. I have watched him interact with his family for about 10 years now. His family is so close to each other because of his leadership and love that he displays in his actions to his family. When I resigned as the youth pastor of 10 years at a local church Ron was on the board at this church. He was the only board member that reached out to me, took me to lunch and asked me why I was stepping down.
He also reassured me that he was meeting with me as a friend and not a board member. He cares about people. He cares about their souls and well-being.
When I see the garbage that the other party puts out, I want to vomit. There are some in our community who want to follow the politics of the two jokers running for president, and it is getting old.

Run on your accomplishments. Don’t go looking for trash to hurt the other person. After the elections, we will still live together in this small town and still need to come together as a community to get things done. We don’t need to add division to our town or country.

Dale Collver



Slam goes too far

Just received my Oct. 18 copy of the News-Register. The article “Democrats target Noble with attack ad” set me on edge.

Having worked in law enforcement in Yamhill County for many years and observing how well Ron Noble administered McMinnville Police Department, this uncalled for slam was downright shameful, and I am being nice.

My family and I are voting for Ron Noble, but with this uncalled-slam by Ken Moore, I will personally be asking all my friends and neighbors to support Ron Noble.

Art Pohl



He’s not partisan

I have known Ken Moore for many years. He is intelligent, hard-working and compassionate. The voters of District 24 will be well served by having him as their representative . He will study the issues and vote based on logic, not partisan politics.

Bernt “Al” Hansen



Trust in his integrity

Ideals upheld Integrity. Service before self. Excellence in all we do. These are the Air Force’s core values. Even after retiring from the military 14 years ago, these are still the values I hold near and dear to my heart.

These are also the values that I look for in leaders for our community and for our nation.

I have known state representative candidate Ron Noble for 10 years. His integrity shines through his pride and commitment to this community. His respect for others and forward thinking are what I believe made him extremely successful as the McMinnville chief of police.

Like me, Ron believes in serving others and creating a better future not just for family, but for the community. Working with Ron in law enforcement, I can unequivocally say Ron hears what you have to say with his mind and heart and he stands up for what he believes.

As a veteran, I understand that not everyone hears the call to serve in our military, but Ron has a deep respect for our veterans, veteran issues and others who serve. And as a woman, I’ve seen Ron deal with sensitive issues. Ensuring women’s safety is a No. 1 priority for him. The empathy he feels for those who have been victimized instills trust.

Consuelo Christianson



Endorsement narrow-minded

The New-Register’s decision not to consider a “little-known” and “badly outmatched” candidate as worthy of support seems a bit shortsighted, even narrow-minded.

Voters look to news sources to aid them in their decision-making before voting. Ross Swartzendruber, candidate for state senator of District 12, was not given worthy coverage, I believe, in last week’s paper, and he deserves this.

It does cite Ross’s strong feelings about the direction of public education as his primary reason for filing for the position. Having studied the issue in depth, as well as experiencing through his three children some of the major weaknesses we are witnessing in our public educational system today, I am pleased it is one of his major concerns.

I hope voters look at first-time candidates with an open mind. I have met with both Brian and Ross, and my greatest impression of Ross was the fresh ideas he had to offer our Legislature that would benefit Oregon’s future.

We always need new ideas. My greatest concern about Brian is that he no longer has the desire to be our state senator and even boasts of Ross’s ability to be a fine public servant.

Liz Marlia-Stein



He’s ready to lead

Some of you may have received a very negative mailer from the opponents of Ron Noble.

I am disappointed to see our local elections degenerate to the level of the national campaigns. We should be better than this. Don’t expect to see something similar from Ron Noble. Anyone who knows him will tell you he is a man of principle above all else. He wants to win, but not at the cost of his personal integrity.

Some years ago, I knew a woman who worked with the Legislature in Salem. She told me once about trying to educate newly elected delegates who had never held any office locally on a school board or a church board. People who had never seen a budget of any kind and were overwhelmed by tasks they were elected for. We are so fortunate to have someone of Ron Noble’s ability. As McMinnville’s chief of police for eight years, he oversaw 50 employees and a budget of $7 million dollars. He saw to the completion of our new police station and a five-year plan for the police department. He is the past president of the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police.

Ron Noble will definitely not be overwhelmed in Salem. He will hit the ground running. What we need now more than ever in Salem is integrity and ability. Ron Noble has that in abundance.

Craig Pubols



Measure helps PERS

Jeb Bladine’s petulant Sept. 23 column likening giving extra resources to the state government to cover the relentless increases in PERS costs to giving a drug addict more drugs was an unfortunate abdication of responsibility in your role as a responsible shaper of public opinion.

Like you and The Oregonian, I am disgusted at the disaster PERS has turned out to be. Sustaining it in the years ahead is going to cut further and further into the resources available to educate our children and grandchildren. However, the efforts by the Democratically controlled Legislature to make even tiny reductions were thrown out by the courts. It might be noted that PERS-type pensions are strangling the finances of states throughout the U.S.
We have to face the fact that we have to address critical public needs like education and police and fire.

Measure 97 would do that. It would bring our total tax burden back to that existing before the Measure 5 property tax reduction in 1990.

While the public would pay a portion of the M97 taxes, a major portion would be paid for by the largest corporations. Otherwise, why do you think they are spending $20 million to defeat it?

Anthony Bell



Measure picks our pockets

As election day nears, I am amazed at the number of Democratic candidates, incumbents and challengers alike who are not responsive or undecided on whether or not to support Measure 97.

If they don’t know by now, they have no business being part of the legislative body that governs this state. Those who support the measure have no business being part of the governing body either.

One of their main goals for the money generated by this regressive tax is to help our senior citizens. How ironic that they want to indirectly tax the seniors. Wouldn’t it make more sense to eliminate a direct tax on income that is limited to seniors?

How about eliminating the state income tax on Social Security income for seniors over the age of 62? Better yet, eliminate the state income tax on the first $100,000 on funds that are held in traditional and Roth IRAs.

This would not only help seniors but stimulate the economy as well — all without the government picking our pockets. Too bad this will never happen. It makes too much sense.

Steve Sommerfeld


Trail premature

The Yamhill County Farm Bureau and Oregon Farm Bureau have grave concerns about Yamhill County’s handling of the proposed Yamhelas Westsider Trail.
The county has received about $2 million in grant funds for this project before completing the required land-use permitting process to determine whether the trail can be built. The process is in place to make sure a project like this doesn’t adversely affect neighboring farms and landowners.

The county also failed to tell landowners adjacent to the proposed trail that it was applying for funds, despite numerous requests for more information.
The path would run through prime farmland and could cause serious conflict and safety issues. Food safety practices on farms, irrigation management, pest and wood control cultivation, animal welfare, harvesting practices and others need to be considered.

Public safety around large equipment, the increased risk of trespassing (intentional or unintentional), increasing farming costs and other potential loss of land value must also be taken into account.

County officials know the law, yet have so far refused to do the necessary review. A buy-the-land-then-worry-about-whether-we-can-use-it approach is fiscally irresponsible and could be seen as an attempted end-run around public input that will not pass legal muster.

The Farm Bureaus ask the county to complete the required review to determine if the path can meet the standards in Oregon law before investing more heavily.

Jerry Mann

President, Yamhill County Farm Bureau


My choice for mayor

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Scott Hill for more than 10 years, and am proud to endorse him as my choice for mayor of McMinnville.
During my tenure as police chief, I found Scott to be a man of character, providing guidance and wisdom as I navigated the nuances of coming to a new community.

Scott has a heart for our community, is a proven leader, and works tirelessly for the city of McMinnville.

Ron Noble



She’s a Benedict Arnold

I’m surprised Gov. Kate Brown is seeking a full elected term. I think she should be satisfied that she accomplished the biggest Benedict Arnold stunt in recent Oregon history. Now she can retire happy.

She approved the bills that voided much of the work that Tom McCall and others accomplished to preserve and make Oregon a special place. Additionally, she approved those bills with emergency clauses, all the while knowing that there was no emergency.

Using the emergency clause to prevent public reaction is not just being forthright, it is also undemocratic. Those bills wiped away 30 years of efforts by citizens in 30 towns to have a meaningful say in the events of their communities.

Oregon citizens need a new direction in the governor’s office. Brown is a career politician who needs a refresher course in making a living in a nongovernmental industry.

John W. Englebrecht



Near-impossible choice

Several years ago, I decided that I could not support either of the two major parties.

One disgusted me. The other frightened me. As a staunch moderate, I have always ignored party politics and voted for candidates with the independence, integrity and intelligence to study facts and make a rational, practical decision.

And so, I changed my voting registration to “unaffiliated” — which in Oregon means I cannot vote for either Republicans or Democrats in the primaries.
This presidential election year featured nearly two dozen candidates from both parties with very little or no suitability to be the country’s leader and military commander. Being denied a vote for any of the major party primary candidates was actually a relief.

Because of the low quality of the major party candidates, neither of the two finalists are good choices. Sadly, there are no other viable candidates. I am left with either an unpleasant decision or no decision at all.

Because I have voted in every election for more than 50 years, I am going to vote in this presidential election. Failing to do so in such a vital election would be failing to be a responsible citizen.

Applying critical thinking skills, I choose four years of President Clinton (shudder) rather than even five minutes of Trump’s “grating” America.

Ken Dollinger



So I’m for that guy

I am for Trump. I am 86 years old and, sadly, I often failed to object to “locker-room talk,” but I never have and never will accept lying to Congress. So, I’m for Trump.

I am for Trump because, lady, it does matter. I’m for Trump. I trust the U.S. Constitution. So, I’m for Trump.

Earl R. Scott




Anthony Bell, was partially correct. "Like you and The Oregonian, I am disgusted at the disaster PERS has turned out to be. Sustaining it in the years ahead is going to cut further and further into the resources available to educate our children and grandchildren".

Unfortunately, Mr. Bell is twenty years too late to recognize the problem as public sector unions and the Oregon Democratic Party made this PERS disaster boiler-plated. While most of the electorate was sleeping the public sector unions with complete compliance from the Oregon Democratic Party were padding their own situation at the expense of the students of Oregon. The result is one of the worst student-teacher ratios in the U.S., among the highest paid K-12 teachers of all states, the third worst graduation rates of all states and the shortest of teacher/student seat time of all states.

Shame on Anthony Bell for not recognizing and trying to do something about this "disaster" 20-25 years ago. Instead Tony Bell patronized the Oregon Democratic Party to perpetuate this PERS "disaster". Kudos to the News-Register, Jeb Bladine and Francis Charbonneau for recognizing these problems more than 20 years ago.

Measure 97 is a totally union supported measure to grease the labor negotiations for the public sector unions. It is an effort to make clean all of the shambles left in the wake of the union behavior of the last three decades.

Don Dix

Those who proclaim that M97 will have no effect on consumers and that large corps will not pass on the added tax to customers are either lying or just plain stupid. M97 is a sales tax, which the Ds and the unions have pushed 9 times (defeated 9 times also).

To believe that the 'new money' will improve anything but union membership and influence is insane! Who wrote, hyped, and have held Ds feet to the fire to put M97 on the ballot? -- that would be public employee unions. Only a fool would believe the unions are concerned about Oregon's rank in education results.

And the legislature is under no obligation to spend the tax dollars on the services named (not a constitutional measure). The money will go to the general fund to be distributed as the legislature desires. Now just which organization(s) do you think will be first in line to get the handouts?

Walmart is a corp used to promote M97 because is has paid little tax in Oregon recently. Walmart purchased $33.6M in BETC energy tax credits for $22.6M. So $33.6M is used to offset Walmart's Oregon tax bill and we hear how they pay little Oregon tax (and Walmart profits $11M).

Just who created this mess? -- those who are pushing this measure -- the unions, the legislature, and the elected officials -- and they all vote D, all the time.

Unless the voters want to increase their cost of living, they should reject this sneaky attempt to pass a sales tax (they can't pass anything related if it is seen in the light of day)!

An emphatic NO on M97!


Fellow Americans....please revisit the issue of what the definition of "big business" is. Be aware that you have several small companies operating in McMinnville that ARE NOT that big out of state monster not paying their fair share. Because there is no investigative reporting any longer.....challenge me on this.....please. Realize that there are several companies sitting right in this county that fall under that ugly definition. They are privately held businesses. They are the people that have been educated in this state, live in this state, built what is considered "small companies", and they fall in this definition. Ummmm...isn't that on of the American Dreams? Nope...nightmare.

This measure will have devastating results on those businesses and their employees if the choose to stay in this State. I know the owner of one of these "ugly big corporations". Employs less than a 100 people and has brought Yamhill County people jobs that are not otherwise offered in this county. The nature of this business does not offer the luxury of passing on the costs to the consumer.

What do you think that "Big Monster Corporation" will do. That sole individual that has all the responsibility will be hard pressed to make the decision to stay in Oregon and provide those jobs.

Becareful of your definitions Measure 97. You parade a lot of fear into people, but don't actually tell them who you are including in your definition.

What happens when Oregon has to pay unemployment to all of those Oregon citizens when those types of small businesses close shop or move. Tsk tsk for being so uninformed.


Anthony Bell has never encountered a bulky, bloated, bureaucratic boondoggle he didn't endorse enthusiastically.