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Landfill foes lose

England’s House of Commons has a rule: A member may not call another member a liar.

During a speech, Winston Churchill said that a member lied, which brought down on Churchill a chorus of hoots and hollers. The great orator responded: "Let’s say the member uttered a 'terminological inexactitude.'”

The first rule of advocacy is to tell the truth. Some opponents of the expansion of the Riverbend landfill say that the expansion is on the banks of the South Yamhill River when, in fact, the closest edge of the expansion is more than a third of a mile away from the river.

The opponents’ terminological inexactitude on this point leads us to question the veracity of all of their utterances about the danger of expanding the landfill. Moreover, the closest edge of the landfill has been engineered to withstand an enormous earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale. It’s time for the opponents of the landfill expansion to stand down. They lost the fight for two reasons. First, they have their “facts” wrong and, second, Waste Management listened early on to their concerns and shrunk the size of the expansion by 63 percent -- from 100 to 37 acres.

Robert E. MasonMcMinnville