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Olson knocks off Springer; school bonds pass; Berry, Wharff win handily

McMinnville Mayor Rick Olson unseated Yamhill County Commissioner Allen Springer in Tuesday balloting, virtually complete returns show. With only a smattering of votes yet to count Wednesday, Olson was winning 13,106 to 10,741 or 55.0 percent to 45.0 percent.

Springer was leading in Newberg and holding his own in the West Valley, but getting swamped in McMinnville and losing everywhere else. The margin appeared insurmountable from early on, as votes continued to pile up without changing the margin appreciably.

Voter turnout was roughly 10 percent less in Newberg precincts than in McMinnville. Countywide, it ran about 52 percent.

In balloting to replace Assessor Scott Maytubby, who is stepping down, Chief Deputy Appraiser Derrick Wharff turned back former appraiser Jeanie Sandall. Nearly complete returns had the count 12,528 to 8,090 or 60.8 percent to 39.2 percent.

In the third of three contested county races, District Attorney Brad Berry easily fended off a challenge from Deputy District Attorney Alicia Eagan. He was leading by a commanding 15,816 to 6,659 or 70.4 percent to 29.6 percent.

Voters gave two local school bonds a resounding yes. An $89.4 million McMinnville School District bond issue was passing 7,084 to 4,321 or 62.1 percent to 37.9 percent. A $14.2 million Yamhill-Carlton School District bond issue was passing 1,703 to 1,087 or 61.0 percent to 39.0 percent.

The possibility of any change in outcomes at this point have been mathematically eliminated.



I voted for Olson. But seeing these pictures of him hanging out and yucking it up with all those Dem's is making me already feel a little buyers remorse. I had always thought he was kind of an independent sort of guy.


Having an articulate, open minded and experienced commissioner will be a refreshing change of pace for Yamhill county. Party affiliation seems irrelevent.

Let's add two more positions and govern the county with 5 commissioners......


No “buyer’s remorse” here. I celebrate the election of Mr. Olson, I applaud the way he conducted himself during the campaign, and I am SO grateful that the citizens of Yamhill County will now have some real representation. Should anyone begrudge the man his own well-earned celebration? (And aside from the photos, Joel2828, do we know who else was in attendance at the gathering? I appreciate your vote but I am confused by your comment.)

Kris Bledsoe

Joel2828, Rick Olson has worked very hard on this campaign. He deserves to let loose for one evening. I was there. I can tell you that it was a broad mix of people. The entire Grain Station was packed with his supporters of all ages. I doubt that there were more Democrats then other party folks. He is very open minded and not dogmatic. I don't you think you need to worry about his agenda. Thank you for voting for him and give him a chance:) There were probably no Springer supporters there last night:) There was also a very large dog but I think he is unaffiliated.