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Service slated for homeless man

McMahon died Nov. 20 after suffering a stroke and other complications. The church is located downtown at 125 S.E. Cowls St.

“It is difficult to find information on Mr. McMahon,” said chuch member Don Watson, who is organizing the service. Friends said they thought McMahon was in his 70s, but Watson discovered Michigan records showing he was born July 16, 1956, making him 59.

In addition, while some people referred to McMahon as “Max,” and that was the name used on a GoFundMe crowdfunding site created by McMinnville resident Corey Herber, Watson said McMahon’s actual nickname was “Mac.”

Watson said he first encountered McMahon in January 2014 in the church’s STAR Room, where it serves free breakfasts from 9 to 11 a.m. Mondays and Fridays.

STAR stands for Serving Those Around. Bus passes, laundry cards, shower services and clothing are also provided through STAR, and McMahon was a regular, Watson said.



Don Watson thank you so much for helping out this man and giving him a service.