Armed robber hits Dayton's U.S. Bank

Photo by Don Iler
Photo by Don Iler

A man carrying a large firearm entered the U.S. Bank in Dayton at the corner of 3rd and Ferry streets Friday afternoon and demanded money from a teller. He fled the scene on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash and ran across the park.

Authorities say the man is either white or Hispanic; 25- to 35-years-old; 5-feet-6-inches tall; and 220 to 230 pounds. He has thick dark hair with sideburns and was wearing a light colored hooded sweatshirt, long khaki shorts, white high top shoes, glasses, and a black partial face mask. Authorities believe he had a shotgun in hand during the robbery.

K9 units are searching for traces of the man throughout the town but have been unable to locate him. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office in the investigation.

Dayton schools were on lockdown for about an hour before being released.

Anyone recognizing the suspect or having information should contact Detective Kevin Gardner at 503-434-7506 or gardnerk@co.yamhill.or.

Check back for more details as they are reported. 



I would give him an "F" for his skills in creating a good disguise. I hope they catch him. Seems like a waste of what could be a decent life. He'll get caught and the best years of his life will be spent in prison. Why do people make such terrible decisions?


They make bad decisions for the same reason Cain killed Abel. Why act surprised?


Wow Lulu that must be a record for the least amount of posts required to turn religious.


I suspect Lulu was using the Cain-and-Abel reference in a metaphorically rhetorical manner, TTT, as a simple way to explain the even simpler motivations (greed) which make people do the things they do. I'm sure she'd be horrified to know you were thinking of converting. (That last bit was mild sarcasm.)


I got it Trafik... I'm just disgusted when everything on the internet turns to the Bible or Hitler.


He probably got a couple hundred bucks and when they catch him (and they will...they always do sooner or later) he'll sit in a cage for the next several years. How smart is that?


all tellers should be issued a gun,to blow away these useless pieces of crap!


Ah, now there's a stroke of genius.

Since the bad guys already have guns, anyone who might ever come in contact with a bad guy should have a gun! Since everyone on the planet might one day come in contact with a bad-guy-with-a-gun, why not arm everyone? That's the solution! Arm everyone!

Because I know there are folks out there who won't recognize it, that was ironic mockery.

While the idea of arming everyone has a perverse appeal to certain segments of the population, many of us prefer to avoid a return to the unregulated chaos of the wild west. Frontier justice may have been swift but life was very cheap. Further, I can't imagine any financial institution (or virtually any business, for that matter) which would be inclined to mandate tactical weapons training for its customer service staff.

I can't believe such suggestions are seriously being offered.


I'm with you Trafik on this one. How many people will just stop going places for fear of the next shoot out? The last thing I want as a customer doing business at my bank is an armed robber behind me and the teller in front of me pulling their guns and blasting away. It is a nutty idea imo.

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