By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

UCC victim once lived in Yamhill

Sarena Moore in a photo from her Facebook page.
Sarena Moore in a photo from her Facebook page.

Sarena Dawn Moore, nee Goin, spent her early childhood living on the north edge of town.

Moore, 44, had lived in Nevada and most recently resided in Myrtle Creek, near Roseburg. She died at the hands of a heavily armed classmate, who gunned down seven other students and their teacher before taking his own life.

Former neighbors remember a youngster who was passionate about horses and enjoyed riding and watching her mother ride. Relatives said she had continued working with horses as an adult; she also volunteered at a homeless shelter and helped with Special Olympics while living in Reno.

She attended Yamhill Elementary School in the 1970s and early 80s. Her parents, Robert and Pamela Goin, moved the family when she was about 12, neighbors said.

Janet Cosgrove of Yamhill recalled Sarena and her brother, Rick, walking down the road to the school bus stop, where they waited with Cosgrove’s son.

Another neighbor, Velma Chaffee, remembered seeing young Sarena often. She said Sarena was a good friend of one of her granddaughters.

A couple of years ago, Chaffee and Cosgrove were surprised and pleased when Sarena stopped to visit them in Yamhill. “She was a nice girl, and still nice as an adult,” Cosgrove recalled.

She remembered that visit, and Sarena’s childhood, when she learned the names of the UCC shooting victims. She called Chaffee to let her know.

“How sad, how sad,” said Chaffee, who broke the news to her granddaughter, Sarena’s childhood friend. “I was amazed to hear she was in school. Now I feel so bad for her.”