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Newberg man drunk when he fired rounds

Steven Smith
Steven Smith

Smith, 53, was subsequently arraigned in Yamhill County Circuit Court on four counts of reckless endangering and one count each of unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct. Unlawful use of a weapon is a Class C felony, reckless endangering a Class A misdemeanor and disorderly conduct a Class B misdemeanor.

Initially, Smith was lodged on $32,500 bail. At arraignment, he was granted a conditional release. He is next due back in court at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2.

Officer Jonathan Stearns of the Newberg-Dundee police described the incident this way in a probable cause affidavit:

Various agencies responded to the high school in response to a shots fired report.

School personnel said the shots came from the east, in the vicinity of Deborah Road, where Smith resides. They said one struck a set of bleachers.

Three people present at the game heard rounds zinging past their heads. One was sitting near the spot where a round struck the bleachers.

Coaches, players and spectators took cover in the high school gym while waiting for police to respond. Smith was quickly identified as a suspect and taken into custody at his residence.

Smith admitted having some drinks, then going to the backyard to fire his rifle. He said he knew there was a soccer match underway at the time.

A search revealed a loaded .22-caliber rifle, hundreds of additional rounds of ammunition and about a dozen shell casings in the backyard.



I find myself shaking my head at the shooting in a residential area and the craziness of not recognizing that bullets travel and can kill innocent people. I expected some gun folks (for and against) to be lite up by this incident. Then I saw it. The culprit in this is intoxication, in this case by alcohol. So others recognized that as well along with the realization that intoxicated people every day, every hour, get behind the wheel of a very large and lethal car or truck and drives. Every one of us walking or driving is threatened by that intoxicated behavior. Luckily it is against the law and has consequences. Still too many die.

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