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Victim spots suspect, helps cops snag him

But Nunnally, a 62-year-old Oakland resident, didn’t count on the sharp eye of Hallmark shopowner David Toth.

Toth spotted him Wednesday in downtown McMinnville and called police. As a result, he’s now being held in the Yamhill County Jail on $30,000 bail.

Nunnally allegedly netted more than $2,000 in the pair of heists, according to Capt. Dennis Marks of the McMinnville police. Marks said he had been charged with two counts each of first-degree theft and second-degree burglary, both Class C felonies.

Nunnally was caught on surveillance video at both businesses, and his photo was disseminated throughout the community via Facebook. So Toth knew who he was looking for.

“In our case, our clerks were busy,” Toth said. “He walked around the perimeter of the store, went in the back, came into the store, went into the back room again, took petty cash and two days worth of deposits, put the money in his pants and walked out.”

Toth said he was driving on Third Street around mid-day Wednesday, looking for a place to eat, when he spotted Nunnally. He said he had reviewed the video closely, then posted it on Facebook, and had no doubt he had spotted the culprit.

“He went into a business, so I parked and went to look for him,” Toth said. “I went into that business, and they said he had just been in there. They had recognized him, so I called 911.”

Toth relayed information to a Yamhill Communications Agency dispatcher. Moments later, he spotted his quarry once more.

“I called 911 again, and said I had eyes on him,” Toth said. “I described him better and followed him down the street. He went into Tommy’s Bicycle Shop.

“The dispatcher said police were on their way. I turned around and they pulled up and started talking to him.”

Thanks to Toth, Nunnally is now out of circulation. He’s slated for arraignment on a grand jury indictment at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10.


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