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McMinnville shooting leaves one injured


There was one victim of a Monday night shooting on Second Street near Fenton, according to McMinnville police.

A 20-year-old Latino male sustained a non-life threatening injury, Capt. Dennis Marks said. He was transported by McMinnville Fire Department ambulance to the Willamette Valley Medical Center.

About 10:45 p.m., an officer drove up on the shooting that had just occurred, according to Marks. Witnesses told police they observed a male fire multiple shots at the victim and then run from the area.

The investigation is in its early stages. A motive has not been established.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the police department's tipline at 503-434-2337. Information can be left anonymously.




Let the scum kill themselves. Mac. PD needs to have a thumbs on approach toward gang prevention. I would like them to stop and frisk if they see punks flashing colors.


@Yourright, I must be missing something in this article. Where does it say the shooting was gang related?


I wonder if he was carrying loaded or if it was unloaded and then he loaded it at the last minute to shoot. It is illegal to carry loaded in this city now, not just he parks like the NR packaged it as.

Oh, that's right, that was just a ban for law-abiding citizens. Not the gangs, thugs, an criminals.

Hows PDX gang problem, and general shootings been doing since they enacted an identical feel good do nothing law 23 months ago...spoiler alert, its practically doubled each year since enactment.


Get a CHL....problem solved. It's really not that difficult.

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