By Don Iler • News Editor • 

See Ya Later loses site access

Only hours before the McMinnville Urban Area Management Commission was set to begin its deliberations, John Abrams indicated he was withdrawing his annexation application. His property is only 60-feet wide and takes up just two acres, but without it, the foundation’s proposed sports complex site is no longer contiguous to the UGB.

The commission met briefly to decide what to do, then announced to a confused audience that there would be no immediate deliberation or decision.

The See Ya Later Foundation was the main driver in the annexation attempt. It was seeking annexation into the UGB of a 20-acre parcel donated by local baseball legend Scott Brosius.

The foundation intended to build a youth sports complex on the land, featuring playing fields, an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor arena and meeting facilities.

The strip owned by Abrams lies between the Brosius tract and a future high school site, owned by the McMinnville School District, already within the UGB. The applicants contended the foundation site’s proximity to the future high school made the location ideal, but the neighbors and the land use activist group Friends of Yamhill County raised strong objections. 

According to 990 forms it submitted to the IRS, the nonprofit foundation spent $11,286 in 2012 and $12,771 in 2013 on sports complex feasibility studies, leaving it with a year-end balance in 2013 of $180,288. It is not clear where the project is headed at this point.


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