News-Register's 2016 General Election Voter Guide

County adds ballot dropboxes

U.S. 1st Congressional District

Bonamici draws overflow audience in Mac

Five cities have pot taxes on ballot

EDITORIAL: Wyden, Bonamici easy choices for return to Washington, D.C.

Oregon Governor

Pierce promises prosperity and spice

Brown, Pierce meet in final debate

Gubernatorial debate: Brown bullish, Pierce low-key

EDITORIAL: Pierce's balance is just what the doctor ordered

Oregon Secretary of State

EDITORIAL: Richardson earns nod for secretary of state

Oregon Treasurer/Attorney General

EDITORIAL: Read gets nod for state treasurer, Rosenbloom for attorney

Oregon House District 24

Independents demand Demos pull attack ad

Moore, Noble vie for House District 24 seat

House candidates spar at forum

Democrats target Noble with attack ad

District 24 candidates pledge bipartisanship at City Club debate

Noble lands $50,000 from Phil Knight, leads Moore in fundraising efforts

EDITORIAL: Noble bid preferred in District 24 House race

Oregon House District 23

District candidates mirror national divisions

Thompson extends olive branch, Nearman responds with sword

EDITORIAL: Thompson, Boquist deserve nod in House 23 and Senate 12 races

COMMENTARY: A local campaign in Trump-like style

Oregon Senate District 12

Swartzendruber seeking to oust Boquist

EDITORIAL: Thompson, Boquist deserve nod in House 23 and Senate 12 races

City of Carlton

Oriet seeks re-election to Carlton mayorship

Proebstel challenges Oriet for Carlton mayor

Five chasing three seats in Carlton

City of Dayton

Five vie for three seats in Dayton

City of McMinnville

Newcomer, veteran square off for mayor

Mayoral debate takes confusing turns

EDITORIAL: Hill stands head and shoulders above his competitor for mayor 

City of Willamina

Four candidates chasing three seats in Willamina


Five cities have pot taxes on ballot

Former Oregon governor breaks ranks with Democrats over tax

Oregon weighs whether all kids should get outdoor education

EDITORIAL: Measure 97 a sales tax in thinly veiled disguise

COMMENTARY: Like giving drugs to Oregon addicts

COMMENTARY: Consider who gets Measure 97 billions

EDITORIAL: Not much to like in this year's crop of measure

U.S. President

COMMENTARY: Who should be the next president of the United States?

COMMENTARY: Will a third party emerge?

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