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Sheridan's former Masonic building partially collapses

Submitted photo## A section of Bridge St. in downtown Sheridan was strewn with bricks early Sunday morning after part of the Masonic Lodge building collapsed. No one was hurt.
Submitted photo## A section of Bridge St. in downtown Sheridan was strewn with bricks early Sunday morning after part of the Masonic Lodge building collapsed. No one was hurt.

Sheridan’s old Masonic building at 106 S. Bridge St., which has been a point of interest and concern by city leaders in recent months, partially collapsed early Sunday morning, according Sheridan City Manager Frank Sheridan.

The Yamhill Communications Agency received a report about 2:40 a.m. of bricks laying in the street, Sheridan said. A Sheridan Fire District crew responded.

“We feel fortunate it happened when it did,” Sheridan said. “We’re not sure how it happened. One thing that surprised the owner (Rich Mathis) and surprised myself is that the roof came down. He thinks when the roof came down that dislodged the floor.”

It appeared the wooden floor of the building fell onto the property underneath, the city manager said. Debris was scattered under the building.

Shaking probably moved the entire building and caused the unreinforced brick to break off from the facade and the clay block on the roof parapets to fall.

As the sun rose, it became apparent that at least part of the roof had collapsed. 

Fire district personnel and the city’s Public Works Department removed bricks and tile from the street.

It’s believed there were no people under the building when the incident occurred and no attempts to enter the building were necessary. That area has been an occasional gathering place for homeless people.

Wires from an electric/telephone pole were damaged. Portland General Electric reported the lines were not hot. The plaza and the western sidewalk over the bridge are off limits to pedestrian traffic.

Yamhill County Public Works was notified to check the bridge for possible damage. There was debris under the bridge.

Mathis was notified.

Last Septemeber, Frank Sheridan sent Mathis a notice of building maintenance violations. His letter read in part:

“The city of Sheridan has received complaints and has determined that the above referenced property exhibits nuisance violations as defined in the Sheridan Municipal Code Title 8 - health and safety. City code states that property owners or any persons in charge of the property are responsible for maintenance of their property.”

The violations addressed maintenance and security requirements, chimney and towers, windows and doors.

“Specifically, I am referring to the northernmost entrance door on the east side of the building, the chimney or tower on the north face of the building and the windows on the north face of the building,” the letter explained.

Sheridan later told the city council that Mathis was attempting to make the required repairs.

“He (Mathis) is worried about the eastern side wall (facing Bridge Street),” Sheridan said. “It doesn’t seem to be supported by anything. The other walls appear more steady and don’t show any signs of damage.”

Mathis is working to secure a demolition company to remove the eastern wall, according to Sheridan.

“He wants that down. It’s the biggest danger.”

The building was expected to be discussed at Monday night’s council work session, held following the News-Register’s deadline for today’s edition.



David S. Wall

The Masonic Lodge building issue illustrates the abject incompetence of the Sheridan City Council and Yamhill County BOC for repeated failures to remedy the "severe problems" the Masonic Lodge property has foisted upon the residents and businesses of Sheridan.

The Masonic Lodge building has been and still is a Public; Health, Nuisance and Safety threat for "more" than "many months."

For exceptional reporting and vastly more detailed information on this story, to make an informed decision, call:

[The Bulletin Board: 503-687-3000]

or pay them a visit at: 136 E. Main Street, Sheridan.

David S. Wall


Mr. Wall, I think it takes a great deal of hubris to compare the News Register to that bird cage liner called "The Bulletin Board". Even though this article has a minor error, it is still researched far better than anything the Bulletin Board puts out.

Further, I would like to know what informed decision you are asking people to make? It has been mentioned many times that this building is privately owned, and therefore neither the city, the BOC or the public have any say regarding it's use.

Lastly, it is interesting that the part of the building that the Masons put up in 1939 is still standing and the more recent renovations are the parts that collapsed.

Mr. Daquilante, thank you for another unbiased article


So is Mr Mathis the owner or not? I keep hearing the building was sold the Friday before the collapse.

Paul Daquilante


Details regarding the collapse and building ownership are reported on page 1 in Friday's print edition.

Paul Daquilante/reporter

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