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Hot embers cause fire at Sheridan-area house

SHERIDAN -- Improper storage of hot embers from a wood stove led to a fire that damaged a home on Christensen Road Thursday night.

"When disposing of the ashes and embers from your wood or pellet stove, it is important to put them in a fire-proof container," a representative of the fire district said. "Keep embers away from flammable substances and cool them down with water prior to leaving them unattended."

He added that homeowners should keep stoves clean and free of ashes and embers and gave chimneys cleaned once a year.

Sheridan firefighters responded to the blaze on the back patio of the home about 7 p.m. They called a second alarm and additional firefighters from Amity, West Valley and McMinnville fire districts responded.

The blaze was under control within the hour. Firefighters kept it from spreading to the house, confining damage to the back patio and siding.

Residents had evacuated the house before firefighters arrived and no one was hurt.