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Gas leak forces evacuations in Sheridan

SHERIDAN -- A piece of heavy equipment damaged a natural gas line about 9:15 this morning, leading firefighters to evacuate a house in the 900 block of Sheridan Road and a nearby doctor's office. Traffic was rerouted around the area, as well.

About 3,500 feet of sewer line is being laid in the area, according to Sheridan City Manager Frank Sheridan. He said the work is being done by an independent excavating contractor, R&G.

A two-inch, low pressuregas  line was damaged, according to Sheridan. Northwest Natural Gas officials said the gas was venting into the atmosphere, which, they said, limited the risk to the area immediately around the leak.

The company monitored air quality, as well as the potential of a fire, during the cleanup.

The leak was clamped off within an hour "thanks to the rapid response and quick work of the gas company crews," according to officials of the Sheridan Fire Department. Gas compan workers are continuing to repair the line and check nearby structures for signs of gas.




URGENT NOTICE FROM SHERIDAN CITY HALL - On Monday morning, a contractor damaged a 2-inch natural gas line in the 900 block of Sheridan Road. NW Natural gas has not been able to quickly patch the damage and needs to replace about 1,000 feet of steel pipes. NW Natural is stopping work for the evening and the ditch across the road will be left open. The Road in the 900 block is being closed for safety reasons.
NW Natural expects to finish the repairs sometime tomorrow. Rene Quinones Sheridan City Council


It is 100 ft, not 1,000 ft