Natural VS Artificial?

By Kay E. Case, M.D., FACOG, Board Certified Physician & Surgeon

In the world of medicine natural is not always good- take pain, disease and death as examples. And artificial is not always bad - think of heart valves, joint replacements and MESH.

All people are not created equal…. including the strength of supporting tissue, ie collagen. In the world of women’s health care this means that some women who have had vaginal births, or a chronic cough or work doing heavy lifting may experience problems related to prolapse. The collagen helping to support the uterus and vaginal walls becomes weakened by damage or chronic strain.

One of the most bothersome problems associated with prolapse is stress incontinence - leaking with sneezing, lifting, jogging. Currently, the best procedure to create continence with prolapse related leakage is placement of a thin mesh tape under the urethra to bring it back into normal position. This helps the sphincter inside the urethra work properly. Placed correctly, this procedure can be a life-changing improvement to a “leaky” woman’s well-being. It has a low complication and high success rate.

Women’s Health Care providers are available to discuss the risks and benefits to the options available for stress incontinence. Please make an appointment if you would like to learn more.

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