By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg board declines to rescind ban

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In before the usual woke crowd vents their frustration. Congrats to the school board for having a pair. Morlock should be fired.


Wow - it took incredible courage for these board members to stand up to the mighty woke elite, who try to intimidate, humiliate, and destroy anyone who gets in their way. They preach tolerance but are tolerant of nothing outside of their own agenda. You do NOT need flags to be inclusive. You simply treat each student with equal value, kindness and dignity which is what teachers do already. To me, it is actually more inclusive to not single certain groups out. Are you going to have flags for the asian kids, the Middle East kids, the hispanic kids, kids who have other kinds of preferences besides gay preferances? I mean where does that end? Take the flags out except the two that apply to ALL of us: the American and Oregon flags.

Tyler C

It's always disappointing to see how many members of our community feel threatened by simbols of inclusion like Black Lives Matter and the raindow flag. These flags represent a rejection of the historic and contemporary racism and homophobia that has separated us by race and sexualnorientation. The school board spent your tax money and had legal professionals explain that their actions were unconstitutional and now they intend to spend more money - money that should be going to the schools and the kids - impossibly trying to find away to reenfoce anti-blackness and anti-LGBTQ that won't conflict with the constitution. It will alway conflict with the constitution.

Like I said, it is deeply disappointing to see how scared people are of inclusion.


I don't want to include a gang of socialist, brutish thugs in local society. It isn't being scared. It's being rational.

Tyler C

People asking for symbols of inclusion in a public school are "brutish thugs"? Being anti-racist is "socialist"? Your concern that our community might make racists and homophobes uncomfortable is strange and I don't understand it.

David S. Wall

Good job Newberg School Board!

Concerning the "Flags" at issue the ACLU presents their argument.

From the article,

"This is welcoming and inclusive speech. It is protected speech,” ACLU Legal Director Kelly Simon said in a statement released on August 30."

This is argument, not fact.

Hey ACLU, what if the Aryan Nation and the Ku Klux Klan decide to place their flags on school grounds? Are you going to defend their "welcoming and inclusive speech?"

The only flag that unites our nation is the Flag of the United States of America.

Any flags, except the flags of the United States of America and the State of Oregon are understood as government's endorsement of a particular political cause and or organization and therefore it is not "speech" at all; it is an advertisement and thus any 'advertisement' can be banned outright.

The Oregon Legislature is destroying education of Oregon's children.

What the School Board should be concerned with is the idiotic Senate Bill 744A.

You can see the Text of [SB 744 A (2021)] here:

Who "Voted" for [SB 744 A (2021)] here:

My testimony to the abomination here:

The Teachers Unions and or their Political Action Committees have been systematically destroying the Public School system over my lifetime.

Any parents who can remove their children from Oregon Public Schools will be doing their children a great service.

As to Black Lives Matter Organization; it is a Marxist, racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic organization which hasn't marched or protested Black on Black murders, to my knowledge, anywhere in our nation.

David S. Wall

Tyler C

If you are concerned about the public school system being destroyed, please consider how much the school board is going to spend trying to create and defend an unconstitutional rule that their counsel has already told them will be indefensible in court. Money that could be going to improve the education of children.

Regarding Black Lives Matter: I agree with them. I take the conservative view that unelected government officials, in fact no government official, should be allowed to murder someone without trial and who pose no immediate threat to the lives of others. If this is a marxist view, I will have to read Marx for the first time. If this is an anti-American view, then we must be talking about two different Americas.


In response to David S. Wall:
Yes, in fact, in 1978 the ACLU did defend the right of neo-Nazis to march in Skokie, Ill., a largely Jewish suburb of Chicago.
Go ahead, Google "ACLU Skokie march." I'll wait.
The ACLU stands for fundamental rights.

David Bates

So they had the "courage" to stand up before a "woke" crowd. Now let's watch them stand up before a judge. The ban will not last, period. That's how this ends. And how much will the Newberg School District pay to circle back to where they should have stayed in the first place?


Rotwang really needs a hug. And probably some Ivermectin. Someone help them out.