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HHS seeks funds for well testing

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Why can’t we just all branch off of McMinnville’s wonderful water system and have municipal water countywide? Let’s pass a tax and get it done!


Not sure I'm interested in paying a tax in exchange for losing capacity and water security in my city.....


It all sounds well and good, but what about the second part of this effort? The part that explains what will be done when domestic wells are tested and found to be contaminated? If these tests are for low-income people....who will pay for water treatment systems or filters? What will be done if the contamination is coming from farming practices of neighboring properties? Having water tested is the easiest and cheapest part.

Don Dix

And $15K will cover everything? ... be wary of that prospect! Doesn't HHS have enough to do in their house, rather than be allowed to screw up another assignment?


"But the Oregon Water Resources Department reports that every year 3,800 new exempt-use wells are drilled across the state. These mostly small system or single residence wells are exempt from the water-rights permitting process and regular water quality testing is not required."

So, require that all new wells be tested for water quality.....

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