Letters to the editor: April 15, 2022

Placing blame

As always, Steve Rutledge’s account of the causes of the Ukraine invasion was well-written and well-documented. My view, however, is that he has avoided the common-sense explanation of the true causes.

Putin did not invade Ukraine during the Trump years because he understood Trump’s America First policy and Trump’s determination to achieve that goal. I believe he respected that as equal to his own Russia First policies.

Trump was not afraid of negative opinions as he pushed other world leaders to carry the costs of their own defense. Germany and many other countries were told to spend a much larger portion of their economy on defense.

Trump introduced policies to tighten our borders and force trade policies that favored us.

America became an economic powerhouse that was energy independent and not begging unfriendly countries for oil. Prices were stable and inflation was at comfortable levels.

When Biden became president, he immediately began dismantling Trump’s effective energy and border policies. A steady flow of new policies targeted our military training, patriotism and crime prevention.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan showed our willingness to abandon our citizens and allies, along with $85 billion worth of military equipment. Wouldn’t the Ukrainians love to have that cache of weapons?

As a leader, Biden has been weak and predictable, and Putin seized the moment to launch his offensive. Indications are China may be emboldened to invade Taiwan as well.

Democrats have a propensity to find someone else to blame for their failures. If not Trump, then it’s the American people, the Republican minority or the greedy companies. The deep hole that America is in right now is owned by the Democrats and their failed policies.

As many presidents have said, and I quote: “May God help us all.”

Steve Wozniak



Crime against women

When did Russia become our role model?

Republicans want government out of their gun cabinets, yet in women’s wombs.

The law allows abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency. And the U.S. has the highest death rate in the industrialized world for mothers giving birth.

Using that wording and logic, because giving birth always risks death, and therefore a possible medical emergency, and because the female is more valuable to society than the fetus, having an abortion should be available to the woman on request.

Let’s stop the reversal of abortion with the same energy we showed for Black Lives Matter — that is, Black MEN’s Lives Matter — and are currently showing for Ukraine’s survival.

Get vocal! Stand on the corners of Third and Adams or Third and Baker.

Boycott Hobby Lobby, Imperial, Avis Budget Group, Love’s Travel Stops Country Stores, Accord Human Resources, Sonic, Oklahoma State University, MidFirst Bank and Helmerich & Payne.

Get bumper stickers and posters. Stick them in front yards, or on car bumpers and fences.

Do something — do ANYTHING — to stop his trend to reverse Roe v. Wade. Reversing Roe v. Wade is a heinous, premeditated, Satanic crime against women.

Sheila Hunter



 One nation, indivisible

Recently, I noticed a truck with an American flag sporting a blue line and the words, “We the People.”

I realized that not long ago, one could see this and be certain of its meaning. I reflected on how discouraging it is that symbols once so commonly understood now mean different things to different people.

Symbols that once united our nation have been co-opted by those who feel excluded. They have skewed national symbols that once stood for our unity into ones that stand for our disunity.

I know that this moment will pass. The disagreements, the anger, even the hate will pass. Each one of us who is struggling to be heard will pass also. The only constant — unless we succeed in destroying it — is our precious United States.

Let us keep our national symbols above this current fray. Let us leave something whole and pure to those remaining when we are gone.

Our nation gives us all the right to disagree and to argue. Our nation lets us say both kind and cruel things to one another. We must not destroy it in our struggle to be heard.

We all love this country. Believing in different things shouldn’t rend us so far apart that we cannot treasure the wisdom of our constitution and beauty of our flag.

Let us always remember that while our freedom of speech allows us to express whatever views we hold dear, this is possible only because we are all Americans, each and every one of us.

We are all witness to the horror in Ukraine and are humbled by the bravery of its people. Their flag stands as a beacon — waved and worn and flown high to remind the world who they are.

No Ukrainians wonder what their flag means.

Erma Vasquez



Seek the truth

Could it be that another pandemic will occur after the voting or in the near future?

Viruses come and go, like COVID and the flu, and other variants occur, with deaths. But none ever required such drastic measures as COVID.

Acceptance of these measures was gained through fear, coercion, manipulation and deceit. Those not complying were and still are villified.

Are any aware of or concerned about the destruction of the Constitution and loss of our rights and freedoms? An explanation of this was given by Michael Rectenwald of Hillsdale College in a recent speech.

It would behoove all of us to research for the truth before it’s too late to save our rights, our freedoms and law of the land.

Mary Novak




The withdrawal from Afghanistan was actually several months later than was planned under the previous administration, but we can't let pesky things like facts get in the way of a good story can we?


Trump's deal with the Taliban required continuation of a cease-fire and negotiations between them and the Afghan government. The offensive launched by the Taliban broke that cease fire. Anything beyond that is conjecture as Trump was a private citizen living in Florida. Joe Biden's withdrawal and abandonment of our allies, including thousands of US residents, even though the cease-fire had been broken, is a generational level catastrophe carrying repercussions for decades to come.



Trump had ordered a drawdown of troops to 2500 when he left office. At that point the Afghan military began to crumble. The choices that remained were to send in more US troops of complete the withdrawal. There was never going to be a pretty end to the war; the Afghan government was totally corrupt, soldiers in the field went unpaid and unfed. There was no leadership to speak of. There was no other rational decision to be made at that point.


Trump held the Taliban to the agreement with swift and deadly consequences if they broke it. These consequences were not needed because for 4 years President Trump was true to his word. When Biden assumed office he delayed the withdrawal by 4 or 5 months. The admin and SOS Blinken had stated again and again, that they were bound to run Trump’s plan for the pull out.

In the meantime, under Biden, the military shut off the power and vacated Bagram Air Force base in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Our Afghan allies did not know we left until they showed up the next morning. Was that part of Biden’s master plan, or part of Trump’s plan as SOS Blinken claimed. Some reports state the Chinese have already manned the base.

Trump’s plan guaranteed the safety of Afghan allies that had worked with the US over the last 2 decades. Biden and Blinken performed a hasty pull out with no air support, see Bagram base above, leaving tens of thousands of Afghan behind unprotected. Many of those were hunted down and executed. There are still US citizens trapped in the country, but Jen Psaki says they wanted to stay. Damn that Trump.

The overall lack of plan led to chaos at Kabul airport with suicide bombers killing 130+ including 13 US soldiers. What page of Trump’s plan was that on?

Biden’s pullout left behind $95+ billion dollars in military eqp. Trucks, planes, helicopters, weapons, ammunition, etc. I guess that is Trump’s fault also.

Then, to show US confidence and strength, that tired, old, dementia ridden old man, stood in the white house and trembled, hung his head, and talked incoherently about what had just happened.

And we bicker back and forth, think about the Afghan’s that worked with the allies to keep our solders safe, they are being hunted right now by the Taliban, knowing Biden won’t do a damn thing.

Trump’s fault?


Working to stop abortions is satanic? How many more people need to die for you to have sex without consequences? Is there a number? Just a ballpark?

There are an average of 3000 lives taken by abortions in this country every day. 1.1 million +/- every year. And trying to stop that is satanic? God help us all!


Sheila Hunter abortion is murder thats why alot of us are against it. Pretty simple.


Bigfoot, you're right, I forgot about the middle of the night pullout from Bagram. Could you imagine what that did to the Afghan forces fighting spirit? Russia and China will be using that to bash our credibility as they build allies, and bases (Latin America, Africa), around the world for decades.



Afghan “ fighting spirit”... haha...good one.


Abortion is legal. If you're against it, don't have one.


The problem is people are willing to take a human life because someone else says it ok and the right thing to do.

Much as they did, and do to this day, the slaves.
Much as they did with the Jews in WW2.
Etc., etc.

Do you see what side of history you are standing on?


Yes, the more enlightened, less punitive side.


Though there were issues (some just there for a paycheck, others addicted to drugs, ..) many an Afghan soldier fought bravely with ours for years. Literally cutting and running in the middle of the night as with Bagram Air Base, regardless of future party or president in power, guaranteed America's credibility lay in shambles for as of yet unknown period of time. My guess is at least decades if not several generations.


US credibility is a political view and isn’t worth one more US soldier.


The Afghan military had a 3-1 manpower advantage and was supplied & trained by the US forces. Yet were defeated by the Taliban in 11 days....


The Aghan war would have lasted longer than that grand boondoggle Vietnam. Why do we slaughter our own people over tribal conflicts that have zilch to do with us? Oh, maybe we want to build another memorial wall for those who died for nothing.
And by outlawing abortion, we join the successful and enlightened countries of Haiti, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Congo, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Indonesia; too many to list.


BigFootLives says: "How many more people need to die for you to have sex without consequences?" Prohibition of abortion is really about prohibition of sex in some peoples' minds. This commenter would have a say in other people's sex lives. To say that you have to "suffer" the consequences by having children is a bit off-center. The same people would therefore make birth control measures illegal. Wait for it -- it's their next move.


Thank you Ms Vasquez. You are so right. Flying the flag is inclusive, not exclusive. It is meant to signify respect for our country which is a government for all people.


Lizzy - really? you do realize that you get pregnant by having sex. And your view that the baby should die so 'people don't have to suffer the consequences of having children' might be one of the best examples of liberal thought process I've seen in a while, and also one of the more disgusting, but honesty is good.

And while I realize that we got to 3000 dead babies a day by incrementalism, I think I'll be happy with if we just stop the slaughter. But, you sleep well tonight.


Lulu, one thing to think about. The third world countries you listed all put together didn't kill 3000 babies today. And they won't tomorrow, or over the weekend. By the time that 3000 babies do die in those country's we'll be hundreds of thousands ahead of them. I feel so enlightened.


Bigfoot, yet another point to ponder--how many children in this country are beaten, starved to death, buried alive, used as human dot-to-dots with lighted cigarettes, tortured, caged up, bashed against walls, raped and sodomized? Kids that were unwanted to begin with; who never celebrate birthdays or learn to ride a bike. Don't you read what's happening? I recall an article detailing an abuse case called at the time the most horrendous law enforcement ever encountered (I'll spare you the particulars). The final sentence referred to the day the two-year-old finally died as the best moment in his pathetic life. Don't you feel more enlightened now?

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