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Boy hit by pickup still in critical condition

The seven-year-old McMinnville boy who was struck by a pickup while riding his bicycle at the intersection of Northwest Adams and Second streets the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 22, remains in critical but stable condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, according to Police Capt. Tim Symons.

He was transported by McMinnville Fire Department ambulance to the Willamette Valley Medical Center and transferred by Life Flight helicopter to the Portland trauma hospital.

McMinnville Police, assisted by the Oregon State Police, gave this account of the incident that was reported about 4:30 p.m.:

The boy, who was wearing a helmet, was riding northbound on Adams in a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a 2017 Ford F150 pickup traveling westbound on Second Street and driven by Kevin W. Chambers, 32, of McMinnville. He had stopped for a red light prior to the boy being struck.

Chambers remained at the scene. “We’ve gathered all of the available surveillance, the investigation has essentially been completed and no citations are anticipated,” Symons said.

No other information has been released.



Can someone please explain how this happened without the driver being at fault? Even if the child crossed against the light, Chambers would have to have accelerated out of a full stop to hit a kid who's right in front of him, which is gross negligence at best. The only scenario that makes any sense is if Chambers was originally headed south on Adams and turned west into the crosswalk without looking, at all. Either way, it seems like mowing down a child on a city street in broad daylight at what is arguable the safest intersection in town should at least be a ticketable offense. If it's not we're doing everyone, the children especially, a grave disservice by pretending that crosswalks and traffic signals will keep them safe.


Bonny: I remember that day well. It was a bright sunny day. The accident happened at about 4:30. The driver was headed west (not south!) into the setting sun. That might have been a factor. Also, the child was in the crosswalk nearing the westbound lane and might have been obscured by the A pillar of the pickup. Also, we don't know how fast the child was moving. Further, there is a bit of safety zone with the lane divider on 2nd and the driver might have reasonably assumed the child would have stopped in that safety zone. No matter, it's a tragedy.


Where were the 7 year olds parents while he was riding against a red light? Yes, it's a tragedy but should be a warning to children and their parents about bicycle safety.


When you're seven years old, important figures still in your life include: Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. Why is a seven-year-old child riding a bike in a confusing intersection during rush hour?

Bill B

Good question Lulu, but I'd have the same question regardless of time of day.


I was just stopped at that intersection today, right where the driver stopped. There was a minivan next to me in the left turn lane. I could not see the crosswalk, at all, from the corner to my left (the direction I believe the child came from, against traffic flow) until the front driver side corner of my car. If a child on a bike was crossing I would not have seen them until they were in front of my car. I bet the police department would have issued a citation if this was anything other than a terrible accident. The driver has to live with the burden of this accident, as do the parents. That busy intersection is no place for unaccompanied children.

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