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Call 211 to check coronavirus rumors

For updates about COVID-19 or the coronavirus, or to check on reports about it, residents can call 211, county Health and Human Services Director Lindsey Manfrin says.




This will provide no more information than what's already widely available from news releases. They won't provide information on specific cities or counties, only state wide information.

Jeb Bladine

Oregon Health Authority releases are providing details about cases, including today's community-spread case in Multnomah County. That source indicates that Oregon's 15 confirmed cases are from:
Jackson: 2
Klamath: 1
Umatilla: 1
Washington: 8
Douglas: 1
Marion: 1
Multnomah: 1


HHS director Manfrin says no reason to cancel gatherings. What will be reason enough? People getting sick? Deaths? Can we not learn from other places, Washington state for instance, where only after illness and deaths began did authorities begin taking action to limit further spread of this virus. We have an opportunity to try getting ahead of this before those things happen here. Sadly, I see little evidence that local or state authorities have this perspective yet.

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