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County, union reach tentative contract agreement that would avoid strike

Yamhill County on Wednesday reached a tentative contract agreement with AFSCME Local 1422, avoiding a scheduled Nov. 1 strike if both parties give final approval to the agreement.

"The parties agreed to a 2 percent wage adjustment effective upon execution of the collective bargaining agreement," county Administrator Laura Tschabold wrote in a Wednesday evening press release, "along with 2 percent wage adjustements in the second and third years of the contract."

Tschabold said an updated draft of the final settlement will be available soon on the county website. Ratification by a vote of AFSWCME members and by the county Board of Commissioners is required before the tentative agreement can take effect.





Probably a good deal for Laura. Don’t want that wage study being completed to prove how underpaid the County employees are.

Apparently wage study’s are only approved for administration. Administration of questionable value at best.

Anyways, she got hers, and it was a whole lot more than the pittance she’s offering. So goody for her.


And how do you know the county employees are underpaid?
Yamhill county (in addition to wages) pays 100% of retirement and 99% of medical/Dental costs....quite uncommon in the real world of the private sector.


The fact that Laura won’t allow a wage study after she received a wage study to receive a massive wage increase speaks volumes, yeah?

Also, the HHS department has massive turnover due to low wages. Go ahead. Look it up.

People with master degrees making a pittance. It’s disgraceful.

What do you know?


Oh, and don’t forget.

Laura is getting all the benefits of 100% PERS contribution plus all the other benefits. And, she got a massive pay raise. She just doesn’t think those actually doing the work deserve what she does.

Sounds selfish to me.

Don Dix

Denise -- According to friends who have worked in the county HHS department, many take the position without a true idea of what to expect. Some of the cases are not for the queasy, hence, turnover.

As explained (by the county @ the time of hiring)), wages may not match other counties, but the benefits surpass what other counties offer. If the total cost (pay and benefits) to compensate any county worker is close to other counties (of similar budget), what's the issue?

It appears the union doesn't want to talk about total compensation, only wages, possibly because Yamhill County would stack up better than is being portrayed. If tagup's numbers are accurate, that's very likely the case.


so your saying because the top executive got a raise that all other county employees are underpaid?.....there seems to be a gap in that logic.....

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