By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Fired prof files whistleblower suit

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I pray justice is served in the case.


If he settles as I suspect he will, then it’s about money.


Of course it is about money. They harmed his career. The implications of that harm are financial. Linfield will pay up (either via settlement or court decision) in order to make him whole.

I'm just disappointed the attorneys aren't going after Davis personally due to gross negligence.


Pollack-Pelner will get half of what he’s asking.. paid mostly by Linfield’s insurance company....sadly, not much else will change....the “ message” gets lost with a settlement when no wrong doing is admitted....

Bill B

does this situation really meet the definition of whisleblowing?


Good question Bill....seems more like a wrongful termination case .....


$4 million is not enough, as a couple of resignations are duly in order as well.