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DA’s office dismisses sex abuse charges against Jacob Miller

The Yamhill County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed the original 10 sex-related charges against Jacob Leon Miller, 38, of McMinnville, according to a motion filed by assistant DA Holly Winter.

“Further investigation is being conducted and charges are expected to be refiled at a later time,” she noted on the motion for taking the action.

Miller is no longer lodged in jail. His bail was originally set at $350,000.

McMinnville Police alleged Miller sexually abused a minor male known to him over a 13-year period of time, according to court records.

He was arraigned Monday, July 24, on five counts each of first-degree sodomy, a Class A felony, and first-degree sexual abuse, a Class B felony.

Miller was scheduled to be arraigned on a grand jury indictment Monday, July 31, but that proceeding was canceled.



If this is truly the case and charges will be refiled who???? let him have his kids back?? seriously, very disturbing.

Local Yokel

Justanotherday, and his guns.....


Such a huge upheaval....and trauma for the victim and kids. Did the DA not have their ducks in a row? Seems odd to arrest someone, let them go, to hang an impending arrest over their head for later. What is going on DA Berry?


Good job. Now he's on the run?


A minor female known to him as his daughter. Pray this case is handled justly with due diligence which wouldn't be limited to mental health evaluations. Godspeed to the DA, detectives, and all involved!!