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Two stabbed during downtown McMinnville fight

Two men, involved in a fight the morning of Saturday, Dec. 17 in downtown McMinnville, suffered non-life threatening stab wounds, McMinnville Police said. No arrests have been made related to the incident.

Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Northeast Third Street about 2 a.m., Capt. Scott Fessler said. The fight involved numerous individuals. When the first officer arrived, a crowd of people separated into smaller groups. When additional officers arrived and an investigation began, no one claimed to be a victim.

About 40 minutes later, officers and Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a burglary-in-progress call at a McMinnville business located across town.

Also at that time, Willamette Valley Medical Center emergency department staff called the Yamhill Communications Agency 911 dispatch center and reported that two males had come to the hospital suffering from stab wounds.

Due to the burglary call, officers could not contact them at the hospital for a period of time.

Officers later learned the men’s injuries were related to the Third Street disturbance. They told police they were unaware they had been stabbed until someone in a vehicle they were occupying en route home became aware of their injuries. They were driven to the hospital at that time.

The men were not identified by police. Fessler said one is in his late 30s and the other in his early 40s. One of them required surgery.

This is an active investigation and additional information was not released.

Anyone who witnessed the incident that has not spoken with the police is asked to contact Detective Connor Mattison at 503-437-1896, or at A message can also leave a message on the department’s tipline, 503-434-2337. You can remain anonymous.







Bill B

I don't understand. All on duty MAC PD and sheriff deputies responded to an attempted burglary?


The article stated in progress, that means the victims and burglar were in the house all at the same time!! That sounds a little dangerous to me!!


The article states "responded to a burglary-in-progress call". This is much different than attempted burglary.

Bill B

Charlie and TT; you miss the point. Either we have too many officers responding to the burglary or not enough in case there are other events at the same time. As I recall, the Facebook post also mentioned that off duty officers were called out.


I didn't miss the point Bill, there are only so many Officers on Duty and to setup a perimeter it takes people. The Sherriff's department assisted due to the lack of MPD Officers and off-duty Officers were not called out. I agree it's a problem all Officers and Deputies were responding to the burglary in-progress but MPD staffing levels are the root of the problem.


Anyone committing a residential burglary at 2 am is intentionally creating a potential conflict with the occupants of the house. They are by definition extremely dangerous. I would expect the police to prioritize arresting such a burglar over responding to a fight that is already over.

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