Letters to the Editor: Sept. 16, 2022

Whose safety?

The public safety power shutoff should be called the investor safety power shutoff.

After the horrific California fires caused by Pacific Gas & Electric’s failure to properly maintain its lines, the utility was forced into bankruptcy.

If Portland General Electric were concerned with the safety of its customers — rather than simply avoiding liability for its shareholders — it would:

Bury its transmission lines; properly maintain its lines to reduce fire risk in the face of events made more likely by climate change; and get power back on quickly, so rural customers on wells would have water to fight small fires before they became big. After all, for many, no electricity means no water.

David Johns  


Hail to the blue

A big hurrah to the law enforcement agencies combining in the arrest of Justin Nathaniel McAnulty, jailed in the fatal shooting of Dennis Anderson in a recent fit of Highway 18 road rage.

Art Pohl 


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