Newberg School Board will meet to consider rescinding BLM, Pride sign ban

The Board of Directors of the Newberg School District 29J will hold a special meeting via Zoom conference call at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 1..

Heading the agenda is board discussion and action on rescinding the directive to ban BLM, Pride, and political signs, passed by the board on Aug. 10. Newberg Education Association, the teachers' union group, has opposed the ban along with local citizens and groups including the ACLU.

Also on the special meeting agenda: appointing board members to board committees, the governor's mask mandate and local control options, and approval of recommendations for bond construction firms for the Edwards Elementary and Newberg High School projects.

This meeting is open to the public, however, no public comments will be received.

To listen to the meeting, call one of these numbers and follow the prompts:

1-253-215-8782 or 1-301-715-8592 Meeting ID: 858 6154 0495; Passcode: 307688

For Zoom access details, visit the district website, special events list,t www.newberg.k12.or.us



No guts. How sad.


Sounds like prayer, religious symbols, and all the things that have been eliminated over the years due to catering to the minority, should brought back. Fair is fair....


Stop being so woke scaleperson!


Prayer and religious symbols were removed from government schools because of the principle of separating church and state, which is based in the First Amendment. There's a difference between that and allowing signs and banners from a group of marxist thugs.

Don Dix

For years we have learned any distraction in schools isn't appropriate -- however, it falls both ways -- some just believe their 'special interest' cannot be questioned -- it can.


No need for marxist signage anywhere in this Country. We are not a Marxist Country.....


I would hope we aren’t a racist or homophobic county either.....but I’m not so sure....

Don Dix

Schools are to educate our youth and should not be the playground for making political statements. The solution is either all-inclusive flags or banners or nothing at all. No special treatment should be proffered to any individual or movement over another -- wouldn't one be lead to believe the 'thought police' should actually be capable of thinking?

Joel R

I agree with SCALEPERSON. If these symbols are welcome, so should religious symbols. Hopefully they won't mind having a cross mounted on top of Newberg High or a crucifix in each classroom. Would only be fair.

Joel R

And to go along with Tagup's comment....Hopefully we don't have a religphobic county, but I'm not so sure...


Most of you people are insane. To characterize wanting equal rights for black people and gay people as "political" really tells you all you need to know. The war on intelligence in this country continues unabated. All of the ignoramuses are tired of being called what they are - stupid - and now are rising up on social media to orchestrate the downfall of an entire country. It's sad, really.

Don Dix

Oregon just significantly lowered the bar to graduate from state high schools -- would that be a sample of the 'war on intelligence' of which you speak?


In response to Don Dix's comment ("Schools are to educate our youth and should not be the playground for making political statements."), strictly speaking that would mean not teaching about or especially endorsing democracy, which clearly is political. Indeed, teaching about almost anything in human affairs has political undertones whether addressed explicitly or not.

Don Dix

Russ -- You do recognize the difference between 'teaching' about democracy, dictatorship, or any other form of government and using physical symbols (signs, flags, etc.) to promote a specific agenda above others, right?

Democracy itself is just a system of government -- the 'political' twist only appears when one stirs in human feelings and agendas.


If they feel the need to differentiate BLM and pride signs from political signs, they obviously realize that the signs are something other than political. As for deeming the Pride and BLM folks "Marxist", you obviously have no idea what the word actually means.

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