By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Shop offers Carlton Valley Honey

Three kinds of honey are available from Dave Merz's Carlton Valley Honey shop.

They are named for the flowers from which bees gathered nectar to make the honey: Poison oak, blackberry and wild forest. The latter is made from the mixture of blooms his bees find in the woods, such as wild strawberries, hawthorne, dogwood and maple.

One-pound squeeze bottles of pure honey run about $10, and other sizes are available.

He also offers honeycomb and candles made from beeswax.

In May, he's selling the last of the previous summer's honey. Bees are just starting to gather nectar to make their 2019 batches, with poison oak the first flowering plant they harvest.

Honey doesn't go bad, he said. It should be stored in a tightly lidded container that's out of direct sunlight. It doesn't need refrigeration.

Carlton Valley Honey is open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, unless Merz has something to do with his grandchildren. They come first, he said.

To check for open hours or whether a certain type of honey is available, call 503-830-9713 or visit Merz's online store, at


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