By Rusty Rae • Of the News-Register • 

GOFUNDME: local grandmother asks for support for grandson in Louisville

Everyone knows grandma has your back.

Such is the case of long-time McMinnville resident Jan Montgomery who is looking out for her grandson, Benjamin Mull. Mull, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, has been competing in karate since he was five years old.

He has collected a room full of trophies, and is currently the number-one rated competitor in the USA in his age group in karate. Recently he competed at the USA Team Trials, earning slots to compete in three divisions at the World Karate and Kickboxing Union (WKU)  2017 World Championships in KIllarney, Ireland. The WKU World Championships are the highest level of competition the sport offers.

Unfortunately, WKU-USA Team members are responsible for paying all of their expenses to compete at the world championship, from uniforms and equipment to all travel expenses. 

In order to defray some of the expenses of competing for TEAM USA, Ben's dad has set up a Gofundme page. 

Of course proud grandmother Jan is carrying Ben's torch here in McMinnville, and hopes you might make a contribution. To support Jan, and her grandson, Ben, you can reach the gofundme site here.