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Robbery reported at credit union

A man robbed OnPoint Credit Union in McMinnville about 5:20 p.m. and got away with an undisclosed amount of money, according to McMinnville police.

Officers are looking for a white male, 40 to 50 years old, about 5-feet 8-inches tall. He is described as being unshaven or having a short beard. He was wearing a black cap and a gray hooded jacket over a gray hooded sweatshirt, according to police.

Police said the man left the bank, located at 2430 N.E. McDonald Lane, and was last seen on foot on Northeast McDonald Lane.

It's the second bank robbery in McMinnville this month. On Tuesday, Jan. 10, a white man robbed the McMinnville branch of the Chase Bank. He was described as an unshaven man in his 50s or 60s, about 6 feet tall. He was wearing jeans, a black coat with a hood and a black FBI cap. That suspect has yet to be found.

Anyone with information of either robbery is asked to call the McMinnville police tip line, at 503-434-2337.




Sounds like the guy who robbed the bank at the other end of the strip mall. Pics please?

Bill B

Who is falling down on the job? The News Register or McMinnville Police? First of all no bulletin from McMinnville Police when it happened. Isn't immediacy part of the reason that the police have the ability to provide online bulletins?

A bank robbery is a big deal anywhere but particularly in a small community like ours, yet there seems to be no urgency. Where are the credit union photos?

Sorry, but all I can visualize is Barney Fife sitting with his feet up on his desk.

Reporter Starla Pointer

Bill B -- Surely the bank has cameras and the police will release a suspect photo soon. We did have a breaking news story within minutes of the robbery report; it was updated with more information twice last evening and again this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing -- and posting -- the suspect photo.

Bill B

My point is that in situations such as this timing is somewhat of the essence. I see no sense of urgency on the part of our police department. Is no one else concerned about this?


It's possible that the police know the suspect and do not want him to find out from Facebook that they are looking for him. Only explanation I can think of, unless the camera was broken.


I don't know the answer to that. However, I do know that the lack of urgency and paucity of information do not lie with us.
We try as hard as we can to obtain relevant information, and that includes suspect photos and video. The moment we get something, rest assured that it will be posted.
It seems to me that local authorities have been slow to respond to recent robberies, attempted robberies and commercial break-ins, despite public alarm and clamor. Perhaps the interest demonstrated here on the part of readers will help spur improvement.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


McMinnville has an understaffed Police Department. More Officers are in need, but that takes funding. Look at your property tax bill and compare funds paid to the city to funds paid to schools.


For all of those so terribly upset that they have not been appointed the lead investigator in this case, have you stopped to think, or even bothered asking if the McMinnville Police may be partnered up with the FBI in a joint investigation with the FBI controlling the information flow?

Then there is that whole suspect notification thing.
Dear bad guy,
we know who you are, we know what you did. Just in case you are thinking about leaving town, we are now putting your picture out there so everyone, including you, know who you are. You might consider keeping your movements restricted to hours of darkness after you have fully shaved, trimmed your hair and dyed it blond.

I for one am satisfied with the professionals handling this and the arm chair quarter backs just sitting back watching Lethal Weapon every week on the boob tube.

When the Police, FBI or whomever think it will NOT be detrimental to their case not interfere with the investigation, I'm sure they will sign up for front page coverage.

Bill B

Seabiscuit, you missed the point. I don't think anyone is offering (or wanting) to investigate. The issue is notification to the public on a timely basis when a serious crime is committed.


Bill B., with all due respect you missed the point that there are some very valid reason to not notify the public and I listed just a couple of them.

If this was a repeat serial home invader, then we would have something else to discuss in regards to need for public notification.