Letters to the Editor: Sept. 9, 2016

Reject hate speech

On August 5, you published a letter that I cannot  describe as anything but racist. For a month I have pondered how to respond.

This letter was written in response to the comments made by Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen American soldier. The writer used the language of hatred and bigotry: “We must avoid being numerically destroyed by colonization from the Third World.” He went from the absurd, “He (Mr. Khan) should be disbarred,” to the hateful, “Perhaps he would prefer stoning.” This came after noting that “would that it were so” — that the Khans should not have been allowed into this country. This language both saddens and angers me and has no place in informed and reasonable discourse.

The writer should study the contributions made by immigrants from the “Third World,” a term, by the way, that most who are familiar with the world around us no longer use. To take just a single example, look at the contributions of Pakistani immigrants - largely Muslim and from a “Third World” country. There are over 15,000 Pakistani physicians saving lives every day in this country. Pakistani scientists work at our national laboratories, making important scientific discoveries and helping to strengthen our national defense. More than 50 percent of Americans of Pakistani descent have earned a bachelor’s degree; fewer than 30 percent of all Americans are as well educated.

It is clear is that this writer does not recognize the foundational principles of our nation; his views are distinctly un-American. We in McMinnville can’t always change the world, but we can stand up, shout out and reject racism and hatred in our community.

Nancy Schick




America is at a tipping point in the debate over immigration. One's perceived notion doesn't actually mean they are a racist it just means they have an opinion. Since when is that wrong?


Gopher. Not all opinions are created equal. Well they may be they are created equal, but they are not judged or labelled that way. I'm sure you can think of several opinions you would find 'wrong' or 'hateful' or 'evil' because of what they suggest.


The past decade, or more, has brought out qualities in our citizens that can only be described as 'the worst America has to offer'. A faction I title "Cult Patriots". It has been disappointing to realize how little the needle has moved in acceptance of immigrants, even legal immigrants.


What is wrong with identifying everyone who comes into this country legally or illegally? Should we just get rid of the laws on the books now? Is it OK for 10-12 million Hispanics to come to the U.S. illegally? Is it equally OK to let 10-12 million Chinese to come to the U.S. illegally? Or, 10-12 million people from India to come to the U.S. illegally? Which races are acceptable and which are not? Or, should everyone who want to cross our borders illegally be accepted with "open arms"?

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