By News-Register staff • 

St. Paul Rodeo drills own well to help water issues

ST. PAUL – Threatened with restrictions on its water use, the St. Paul Rodeo Association has completed initial development on a new city well, projected to ultimately cost about $250,000, all coming out of its own pocket.

The rodeo grounds hosts upwards of 50,000 spectators, along with a large contingent of livestock, for its annual July 4 NPRA rodeo competition. And in a town of 300, that puts a massive strain on the water supply.

The city suggested it might have to begin restricting the rodeo’s water use until it could raise enough money to sink a new well. The association decided to take matters in its own hands and drill a new well for joint use.

The association has already invested $150,000 in the project, and figures it has about another $100,000 to go.

Rodeo Director Bill Smith said, “The rodeo is willing to work with the city on solving the water problem within the St. Paul community.” He said water from the new well, dug by Schneider Water Services, fully meets city standards.

Water company owner Steve Schneider, a member of the rodeo association himself, confirmed that. He issued a statement saying:

“The St. Paul Rodeo Association well drilled in 2015 is constructed to meet or exceed minimum standards that might be required for a municipal water well. It has been tested and found to be acceptable for potability (coliform bacteria), nitrate and arsenic, tests that would be required of a public water supply.

“No adverse taste or odor issues have been found by anyone who has tasted the water. In fact, most everyone comments about its great taste.”

He said the well is yielding about 500 gallons per minute. He said that exceeded the total capacity of all of the city’s existing wells combined, and did so “without a sand pumping issue.”

This year’s rodeo is set to run June 30 to July 4, with performances at 7:30 every night and matinée at 1 p.m. the 4th. For more information, visit or call 800-237-5920.